Review: Express facial masks for oily and combination skin by Mirelin. Unusual miracle!


This is the most unusual facial masks which I have ever had. The interesting product by Ukrainian brand Mirelin looks like a tea but it is really effective mask for a tired and dim skin and if I use it I know: my face will be absolutely chic! Why? Read please in my today review!


Mirelin is original Ukrainian brand which makes dry cosmetics and uses for it some ancient recepies. There are a few kinds of masks in this series - for different types of the skin and I have got all of them. But now I want to tell you about my fave product - masks for oily and combination skin. I have got the same one and this product is very effectice for me!


Strictly speaking these are not usual masks. The product is offered in a shape of small sachets - they look like tea bags. You need to soak one sachet, keep it in water 15-20 seconds and then wipe the skin with it. After this you can put the substance of the sachet on the face for 3-5 minutes and then wash it off. So easily, so quickly!

Also you can take only the substance, mix it with water and then put it on the skin for 3-5 minutes.

These procedures you can do every day (there are 20 sachets in one box with the masks and this quantity is enough for about a month). But I use them not so often - just 2 times per a week. This is an optimal periodicity for my skin.


Just a tea, isn't it?

I use the express masks for oily and combination skin when I want to get rid of the oily shine of the skin and to decrease my enlarged pores. The masks by Mirelin do this job very well. And for me they have got unusual effect. For me this product works as a scrub but I don't have to rub the skin. I do nothing - just put the substance on the skin - and all dirtyness disspeares instantly! It seems that the mask pull all skin pollution from the pores.

But if I have got very dirty skin (for instance after a big trip where I didn't use any cleansing masks) I can have got a few inflammations after the process of using the sachet. The mask cleans the skin very intensively and sometimes there can be this effect - the skin tries to get rid of all dirtyness. That's why I try to use the product regularly in order not to aggravate the problems. And if I'm not lazy I have got no inflammation. 


This facial mask by Mirelin can be a base for more intensive cleansing masks which can be used after the sachet. But I don't see the neccessity for this. My skin is very clean after this product, I even haven't got other masks in my collection now! 


How does my skin look like? It is fresh. It is soft. It is very clean (all black dots dissapeared) and there are no spots of post-acne. I had got a few of them earlier but they become invisible very quickly with these masks. May be this product by Mirelin has got an whitening effect. Because the complexion became almost ideal now and it is very smooth. 

At the same time I can't say that I have got the matte skin. It has stayed oily (especially in T-zone and especially in hot days) and may be I just need to make more masks when the weather is very hot. 


The express masks are natural as all products by Mirelin. All ingredients are just super:


English: dry composition of sprouted cereal (oats, wheat, rye), sea salt? powders of medicinal herbs - chamomile and mint. 

This unique product doesn't contain of ever chemical substance so it isn't harmful. All masks by Mirelin are just natural and I feel this when I use them!

Do you want to try them? Or may be you have tried them yet? Do you know cosmetics by Mirelin? 

*Express facial masks for oily and combination skin have been given by Mirelin for independent testing. You can order this product on the web-site of this brand.