Review: Eye cream-gel with red caviar by Yaka. Will it help you?


Just imagine: you take a new eye cream, you understand, it won’t make a miracle, but… The first day of using - and you see a very good result! Of course, this is not a super-lifting, but the skin under your eyes becomes fresher and you see it well. Very unusual, isn’t it? I think, yes, so I’m writing this review with a pleasure. Let’s talk about an eye cream-gel with red caviar by Yaka - why it is a good idea?


Tasty or not?

The product has got so unusual name, hasn’t it? The red caviar? Really? Of course, I didn’t wait for a tasty cream, which will have got a balls of red caviar in a jar. But I hoped, it would be natural, as all Yaka products. And I hoped, it would give me natural effect. My hopes came true. 

The cream-gel presents a Yaka Sea series and looks as usual light eye product: it’s tender, white, not oily. Delicate texture is the best feature – now I need cosmetics, which is absorbed quickly and starts working instantly after putting it on the skin. I have got a newborn boy and I haven’t got time for long relaxation with cosmetics. So the Yaka eye cream-gel with red caviar is now a good part of my “cosmetic aid-kit”. 


I use the cream-gel twice per a day. The product is absorbed quickly – maybe during a one minute:

moistening the skin – instantly,
light nourishment – instantly,
healthy look of the skin instantly.

I put the cream, go to the bed, fall asleep in one second… And I know – the Yaka product is working on the skin right now, it won’t make any spots on my pillow. 


What can it do?

It can’t make a plastic surgery. My wrinkles are on their place (unfortunately). 
It can’t eliminate dark circles under eyes. My son is one month old now, I sleep not as often as I want, so ANY cream gel can’t do this, you understand me! 

But this Yaka product can:


Decrease the wrinkles, I repeat. Decrease. The. Wrinkles. Yes, it’s true.

It seems, Yaka eye cream-gel with red caviar permeates into the wrinkles, fill them and they become not so deep. The effect is very quick – the skin becomes smoother after putting the cream-gel. 5 minutes in the morning – and I can do a light make-up, I don’t need to use a very powerful correction in eye area.

How does it work?

The best feature of Yaka eye cream-gel with red caviar is its composition. Yaka makes natural products and they always contain of very effective, well-chosen ingredients. This cream-gel has got a few interesting active ingredients:

  • luminaria extract,
  • spirulina extract,
  • marine collagen,
  • red caviar hydrolysate,
  • crisalide oil,
  • shea oil.

Whole composition:


This composition provides a special skincare. The most tender skin under eyes gets high-grade moistening and nourishment. And of course, the product has got nothing synthetic – aromas, dyes, preservatives. 

My resume

If I wasn’t a beauty-blogger, I would have chosen Yaka cosmetics for all cases and buy nothing more. I think this brand is an optimal decision for person, which like using effective and not very expensive cosmetics. The eye cream-gel is good choice for everyday using and its light texture will be convenient, even if you have got a very active life. And this product is good idea especially for young mums, because it works quickly! 


Haven’t got enough time? Use it, the cream will be absorbed instantly. 

Have got problems in eye area? (Of course, you have, because if you are a mum, you don’t remember, what is a dream?) Use this cream-gel and you will look… I can’t say “ideal”, but… better! Trust me)

Which eye cream do you use now? Which one has been the best in your collection?

*Eye cream-gel with red caviar was given by Yaka for independent testing. You can find this product on the web-site of the brand.

Price 70 UAH ($2?5)