Review: Eye cream Rose by FLORI. What is the most effective treatment for the skin?


All my life I try to find really effective eye cream. I have tested a lot - sometimes it was lux cosmetics, sometimes I chose a natural one... And despite that I haven't found the best product for every day yet I can say that now I have got one which is really good for special occasions. This is small and beautiful eye cream Rose by Ukrainian brand FLORI. I'm going to introduce you this interesting product in my today review.


This is very small jar with a dense cream which has got a pleasant yellow color. You don't need a bigger package - there is enough cream in the jar because you will never take a lot. As all creams by FLORI this one is very long lasting: I need a microscopic tad for both eyes. Sometimes I even can't sight this quantity - it is very small. But it is enough. All creams by FLORI don't contain water, the emulsifiers and artificial preservatives. There are only the active ingredients in their composition so a quantity of product which you need to take is decreased several times. The eye cream Rose isn't an exception of this rule.


The cream looks like a butter and it is felt also like a butter. Its texture is very thick and it looks like a hard product but the cream melts under the finger. When I put it on the skin I feel some oilyness but it dessapears quickly. The cream just absorbs and I need only 10-15 minutes wait for this. There is no bad feeling after the absorbing - any effect of a mask or something else.


The eye cream Rose by FLORI contains the essential oils of rose and santal and I feel them as soon as I open the jar. The product has got an incredible aroma! It smells like a big blossoming garden with thousands of roses! And it reminds me about Bulgary - cosmetics of this country has got the same aroma.

But the best properties of these ingredients are larger, this is not only the fragrance! Both essential oils are rejuvenating so they can back you youth and make the skin under the eyes not so tired and dim. It becomes smoother and more elastic, evens out and gets a very good color. 


The oil of rose can decrease the edemas and dark circles under the eyes. I see this result and I have even noticed that the cream could do something with my small wrinkles (this is a merit of santal oil!). The producer also says that this product can take away the spider veins from the face but I haven't got this problem so I don't know anything about this effect. 

And of course this product with so good consistency gives really cool moistening. The eye cream Rose can be used also on all face, on the skin of the neck and decolette and it has got the same good effect everywhere. The skin become toned well, fresh and young.


All ingredients of this product: 


English: jojoba oil - it is a base of this eye cream, beeswax, essential oils of rose and santal, extract of grapefruit seeds, aloe vera.

But I need to say that all these effects I told you about I have got when I use this cream not so often. Of course it could be used every day (and even twice per a day) but if I do this my skin becomes overload. Firstly it looks well but then if I don't stop using this cream a few closed comedones are appearing near the eyes. If I don't stop with the cream on this stage I can even have got a few spots of inflammation. So I need a break always.

I think my skin just doesn't need so powerful moistening and nourishment. That's why I take the eye cream Rose by FLORI only when I want to give the skin really effective treatment. For instance after a walking when the weather is bad, after a contact with a hard water, in a trip... Only in these cases the cream works perfectly and without ide effects so I think it will be really long lasting. And I like that it has got not very big volume. It means that I have time to use it till the end.


When this eye cream will finnish I even don't know will I be able to use usual products for this tender skin or not. May be I'll always buy this one - just like a treament for the skin and a gift for it in very hard days.

What do you think about this textures of eye creams? Have you tried this one? 

*The eye cream Rose was given by FLORI for independent testing. You can buy this product on the website of the brand or write the producer on Facebook