Review: Facial care from the “0%” series by Dr.Sante. Absolute tenderness!


I like everything that Laboratory Elfa makes in cosmetic sphere and I absolutely love using the series of their products. When I have a whole line of cosmetics in my bathroom I feel that I get a total skincare in different aspects. That’s why I liked using a series “0%” by Dr.Sante (the own brand of Laboratory Elfa). I used a facial cleansing milk Chamomile, a toner Extracts of ginseng and pomegranate and a daily cream Karite oil and collagen. All of them were chic but not each product I’ll repeat. Why? Let’s talk about in now, in my today review!


Why “0%”? Because the products from this series don’t contain of parabens artificial dyes, silicones, mineral oils and synthetic aromas. And the skin feels this!

The facial milk and the toner was a pair which I used every day and I even forgot my usual micellare water when I got these products. Both were very good but the milk hadn’t become my perfect skincare product. It was very soft and tender (tenderness is the main feature of the “0%” series). But I can’t get used to this kind product, my face doesn’t like the “cold” effect. 


A composition of the milk Chamomile:


I tried to use the milk in the usual way – with a cotton pad. But it removed make up not very well, I saw lots of spots and stains of cosmetics on the skin so I need to use a micellare water after this product. Also I didn’t like that this milk wasn’t “no tears”. It could irritate my eyes despite that the producer said that Chamomile is suitable for the sensitive skin and for the skin under the eyes.


Also the milk wasn’t really good idea for everyday using. After 2 weeks removing make up with this product I found a few closed comedones on the skin so I decided to take a break. But when I gave the milk 0% to my friend she was delighted! She told me that this is one of the best cleansing cosmetics ever!


The same she said about the toner “0%” Extracts of ginseng and pomegranate by Dr.Sante. I have understood her – it is really tender… even not the toner, but the floral water! I felt that I was using something like a hydrolat and it was very pleasant feeling. Actually it was my first toner after a big break and after it I start to use this kind of product regularly.


A composition:


What is the best thing in the toner “0%” by Dr.Sante? Well, due to it I understood that ever cleansing product isn’t enough for the skincare. My face after cleansing with the milk or a micellare water wasn’t absolutely clean. When I started to use the toner I saw that there are lots of traces of make up on the skin. They were not noticeable but they were visible on the cotton pad. 

The toner was a cool helper but I need to say that it should be used economically – if you take a lot it could also clog the pores. I don't know why but I noticed this effect and started to be careful.



But the best product in this series for me was a cream Karite oil + collagen! This is the day/night product so I used it twice per a day. It is gorgeous!


A composition:


The cream “0%” Dr.Sante is suitable for nourishment and moistening. But I could see that it also had got a lifting effect and anti-age effect! My skin become perfect after a few first using and this result is with me now, when I don’t use this product. 


The cream was the best helper in summer when the skin needed good but not very strong moistening. It treated the skin after the sun, helped it to become normal after the sea… And I woke up with the perfect skin even after very hard days. Because the cream “0%” by Dr. Sante can make miracles! I think I’ll buy it again – before the next summer. And I can say that there is a very big jar for it so if you buy this product it will be enough for the whole season!


Fortunately this is not only one series of skincare products by Laboratory Elfa. I have got now one more (their Cucumber series), I have already started to test it and I’ll tell you everything about it soon. I think this is the best and the cheapest Ukrainian skincare cosmetics so you should to try it. And I know you will love it so much!

Which series of cosmetics do you usually use? Or may be you don’t like the lines of products and buy different cosmetics? Do you know about the “0%” series by Dr. Sante?

*The "0%" series (the milk, the toner and the cream) was given by Laboratory Elfa for independent testing.

You can find these products on the Elfa's website