Review: The facial cream Sunny by FLORI. One mohito for the skin!


At night the skin needs the deeper moistening than during the day, I think. So I try to use more thick skincare products before go to bed. One of them is an organic facial cream Sunny by Ukrainian brand FLORI. This is a very dense product and it can solve all skin problems when it suffer from a dryness or irritation. How does it work? I'll tell you about it in my today review.


The cream has got very-very small size on the first sight - a jar contains only 8 ml of the product. But if you know what the products by FLORI are you can understand: this quantity is enough for a longlasting using. The creams by this brand don't contain the water, the preservatives and the emulsifiers and due to this you need really small tad of the cream for covering all your face. Moreover this cream has got a texture of a butter - it melts under the fingers. I jast need to touch the surface of the cream and it will be enough for taking an appropriate quantity of the product. 


When the cream Sunny by FLORI is neccessary? It will be helpful if your skin suffer from an irritation after windy day for instance. Or after swimming in a pool. Also it can be irreplaceable in winter - the cream can recover the skin after a long walk in a frosty day. It is suitable for adults and for children also. And it is recommended for all skin types except the very oily one. I have got a combination skin so for me it is good product (but sometimes I don't put in on the oily zones - if I feel that they don't need more moistening). 


How I use this cream? 

The main case of using - as a night cream. I think this product is quite heavy for daily using. The butters are absorbed into the skin a little bit slowly so they are not suitable for a quick using. You should cover the skin with this product and wait some time while the cream is absorbed fully. That's why it can be convenient exactly at night when you have got enough time for waiting. And of course during a night the cream Sunny by FLORI will open its properties better and will give the skin good nourishment and moistening.

When I smell the cream it reminds me a mohito. It smells like this coctail and gives the same kind of freshness. So if you can imagine a mohito for the skin, it will be exactly the cream Sunny!


Also I love using this product as a lipbalm. It's also possible and this is even preferable for me. The cream has got a really dense consistency and it can be sometimes heavy for the skin. So I don't put it on my face every day. But for my lip this density is neccessary always. I have got really dry skin on my lips and this cream helps to give them good moistening. And there it absorbs quickly, I never feel it on the lips long time. 


The product returns the skin the vitality and the tone. I feel that it became moisturised deeply after I started using this product by FLORI. I love the silky effect which I have got on the face and lips every morning after using the cream Sunny.

The producer also said that the cream helps to treat the burns and small wounds. It gives the special freshess and it works as an painkiller. But I haven't used this product in these cases yet because fortunately I haven't had these problems. 


And one more interesting property. The cream has got really fresh aroma with notes of the eucalyptus oil and essential oil of mint. And for me this is the best treatment when I have got a headache! I just smeel this product and the problem decreases!


Other interesting ingredients of the cream Sunny by FLORI:

  • An apricot kernel oil - it makes the skin velvet (it's true, my skin is really soft like a real velvet!),
  • Macadamia - it fights with the redness and peeling the skin off.

Also the cream contains: sesame oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, aloe vera, essential oils of mint, lavender, ylang ylang, extract of the grapefruit seeds. 


I think I'll use this product as needed - when the skin will become irritated or red, when it will suffer from the wind or rain... Only thisp cream can give really tender smoothness and after it I don't feel an oily film or other unpleasant things. May the butter is not my fave products but this one is very effective when I want to get very soft skin. 

Do you like the texture of butter? Do you use some natural facial creams? Have you ever tried the FLORI's ones? 

*The facial cream Sunny was given by FLORI for independent testing. You can buy this product on the website of the brand or write the producer on Facebook