Review: The facial cream Tea Tree by ChistoTel. How to make a medicine from a cosmetics?


This cream by Ukrainian brand ChistoTel was the one which I couldn’t understand long time. I have got an allergy of tea tree and I hoped that this product didn’t provoke it but unfortunately it did this. I was so upset… but now I know how to use this product without any problems! The tea tree extract gives the best treatment to the skin so I have had to find a way of appropriate using the cream Tea tree. How to do this without suffering from inflammations? I know and tell you in my today review!


The cream is a novelty of the brand. ChistoTel made it a few months ago. I have been using it during almost all summer and firstly I had a bad effect. The tea tree extract has always provoked some problems on my skin. It can clog the pores and I have known since I was a teenager. When I was young  I tried to treat my acnes using the products with tea tree extract and I couldn’t understand why my skin problems only redoubled after them. Only doctor said me that the problem is on the one ingredient – tea tree extract. It should treat the skin but it doesn’t in my case! I just have got an idiosyncrasy. So how I should use this cream by ChistoTel?


Firstly I used it as a usual facial cream – I put it on the whole face. And of course I got the clogged pores after the second using. I was so upset because I love cosmetics by ChistoTel and I wanted to try the cream… So I just found my own way! 

I started to put the cream Tea Tree only on the problem zones! And… it has helped! If I use the product carefully there are no problems on the skin and even more - the cream helps to reduce the inflammations! It really works – my acnes with it disappear quickly and the product makes the skin smoother on the problem places. 


The cream Tea Tree by ChistoTel is very light. I would even say that this is a gel not a cream. Its best property – an alignment the skin. It becomes very tender – no inflammations, no acnes, no redness. Only perfect result and good complexion. 

Also the cream Tea Tree helps to reduce the main problem – the inflammations. If there is a small acne on the skin the cream eliminates it quickly and helps to clean the skin, there is no post-acne on it. But I have noticed that the product treats the skin for long time and if I use it regularly I haven’t got the acnes at all. 


The cream is suitable for all skin types and it can be also a good primer for make up, the producer says. This is true – very light, quickly absorbing and tender texture is the best as a primer but I can’t use this product this way because I don’t want to get the clogged pores.


And I know that ither people haven’t got mine problem. I gave the same cream to my friend and she told me that she likes it so much, it works without complaints. So I can recommend this product by ChistoTel but you need to be careful if you have got the same type of skin like mine (oily, a little bit problem, acne and clogged pores prone). Just choose the right way of using and the cream Tea Tree will help!

A composition of the product:


Have you tried this product by ChistoTel yet? Do you like this Ukrainian brand? Which products do you use to treat the skin if there are acnes on it?

*The facial cream Tea Tree was given by ChistoTel for independent testing. You can find this product on the web-site of the brand.