Review: Gel and conditioner for washing children's linen Bioняня by Laboratory Elfa. Do you use the best baby's products?


When my daughter was born I started to find the special products of household chemicals and a washing powder always was the most important for me. I wanted to find really hypoallergenic product with the best properties. It should be made especially for children and I wanted to buy only Ukrainian products. How to find the item which would meet all these requirements? I know! This is household chemicals by Ukrainian Laboratory Elfa! This producer makes really high-quality lines of children's products and Bioняня series is one of my fave. I'll tell you about two products for washing children linen from this series in my today review. 


I have a cool pair - the gel for washing children's linen Bioняня and the conditioner Bioняня for making the clothes soft and perfect. Both of them are liquid and both have got VERY big volume - 1000 ml! This is enough for 2-3 month (for our family). We wash clothes very often (if you bring up a 2 years old child you understand me) and of course we use these products by laboratory Elfa not only for our daughter's clothes, we wash with them our linen and things also.


Unfortunately we have got an old washing machine (it is 5 years old!) which isn't intended for the liquid washing products. If we put them into the machine before the washing process has started the products just spill in a drum and can not to give an effect. So we needed to study how to use them and we have found an appropriate moment when we can add the gel and the contitioner into the machine. Now it isn't a problem (but it is very good reason to change the washing machine finnaly haha).


Now about the gel Bioняня in detail. This is very effective product. I never had so clean children's clothes when I washed them with other products! The gel works ideally even when it deals with very dirty things and the most important result for me is that this product doesn't damage the structure of a fabric. All clothes look like new after washing. Even the oldest Tanya's things which have been lost their quality yet became better after a few processes of washing with these two items Bioняня by laboratory Elfa. 

Also I love the tender aroma the clothes have got. It reminds me a perfume and I feel it even a few days after a washing. Even if the linen is laying quite long time in a closet it will smell good! It's really chic result because earlier some strong fragrances bothered us.



The gel Bioняня keeps the colors of the clothes even if I wash them almost every day. The Tanya's and my things now are very soft and even when they were drying on the frost they weren't harsh and hard. I think this is really cool effect. I have got very sensitive skin and usually the clothes after a washing irritate it, I feel how barbed they are and suffer from it. But I have forgotten about this problem with this gel. 

But may be this is a merit of a conditioner Bioняня, I don't know exactly!


The conditioner also was made especially for a tender baby's skin. It contains botanicals ingredients which make a fabric really soft and pleasant. I noticed this effect after a first washing yet. Actually these products are not intended for a washing of a wool but one time I wash a wool sweater with them. And it became even better than it was when I bought it! At first it became softer and more tender and secondly I could come back its colors! I thought that I would never see them again!


Both products are hypoallergenic and even people who have got an allergy or a sensitive skin can use them. The gel and the conditioner by laboratory Elfa are rinsed out from the clothes quickly and I don't need to turn on an extra rinsing. Only one problem - the conditioner should be added into a washing machine with the last rinsing but it's really hard to catch this moment. As I have told yet we have got the old device and it doesn't warn when it decided to finish the process of washing. So I need to keep watch near the machine and divine when it will be ready for a conditioner!

The compositions of products. The gel:


The conditioner:


I think these two products will be our best choice forever. We have got one other gel for washing children's linen Bioняня and it is also very good (I'll write about it later). 

Which washing products do you usually use? Have you got something special for children? Do you try this brand?

The gel and conditioner for washing children's linen were given by Laboratory Elfa for independent testing.

You can find this line of products on the Elfa's website