Review: The gel for washing the children's dishes Bioняня by Elfa. Not only for babies!


I have never bought household chemicals. When I wasn't married I lived with parents and my mom bought all this things. And now I also don't care about it. My daughter Tanya started to be a "beautyblogger" when she was 1 year old and now she gets lots of different children's products. Special household chemicals for children are also available for her. And for me of course.

So today I'll show you one interesting product which was made in Ukraine. It is the gel for washing the children's dishes Bioняня which Tanya got by our fave Ukrainian brand Laboratory Elfa.


The gel is made especially for children's dishes but I use it for washing the adult's ones also. Earlier I use just usual products - not for children only and I even didn't understand why they are so important. Only now I can see that the children's products are worthy of attention and they should be in ever household "collection". Because they have got really special quality. 


The gel Bioняня by Elfa is hypoallergenic and it never provoces the skin problems. As I told you yet I have got an eczema and this desease is worsened especially after I wash lots of dishes with the usual gels or other products. But this gel doesn't damage my skin. I can wash a mounting of dishes with it and after that I won't need to treat the skin. The product is very soft and very tender. And sometimes I even don't need to use a hand cream after washing the dishes. 


The gel Bioняня has got so good properties due to its composition. The product contains the soft surfactants and an extract of chamomile. These ingredients help to calm the irritated skin and care about it.

All ingredients: 5-15% anionic surfactants,  5-15 % non-ionic surfactants,< 5% amphoteric surfactants,  disodium EDTA, parfum, preservative (Sodium Benzoate), CI 15985, chamomilla recutita flower extract.


The gel can be used for washing not only the dishes but also the toys, bottles for newborn babies, different surfaces in the house which a baby could touch... But I don't like a sterility. I didn't wash everything with fanaticism when Tanya was born and I don't do it now. I just wash the dishes (and sometimes the toys) and in this case the gel is irreplceable. 


All advantages of this product:

  • It has got very good foam but not extremely big - I think it is good because when the product gives big foam it means that there are lots of harmful foamer in its composition;
  • It cleans the dishes well, can manage to even very strong grease (but not instantly, I need to make some efforts before the dishes will be extremely clean);
  • It is washed off from the dishes easily.

And the gel Bioняня by Elfa is very lasting. When I use this gel I need more product than when I use a similar one by other brands. But I haven't noticed that it is finishing very quickly. 


The gel has got a portioner - just usual but convenient. It helps to take enough quality of this product without any efforts. And usually I need 1-2 tads for washing 3-5 dishes. If I wash a pan after very fatty food I need to take more product.


I keep this gel in place which isn't available for Tanya but I think that it's not so dangerous for her. Of course it could be dangerous if she wants to drink it. But if my daughter decides to help my with washing the dishes she will use this product without being affraid of an allergy or something like that.

There is the swatch:


The gel by Bioняня has got a sunny beige color and a pretty aroma which dissapears quickly. So this product can use even a pregnant woman - it won't irritate them with the expressive fragrance.

Do you use any spesial household chemicals for your children? If this type of products is useful and neccessary, how do you think?

*The gel for washing the children's dishes by Bioняня was given by Laboratory Elfa for independent testing. 

You can find this line of products on the Elfa's website