Review: The GlicoMask20 by GUAM. Need the perfect skin? Enjoy!


Since I have started to use different types of facial masks I especially love the film ones. There was some part of a miracle in them - when you put on your face just usual liquid product and in 10 minutes it becomes a film which you can remove instantly... it's so magic, isn't it? I loved this when I was 15 and I love it now when I'm twice over this age. So you understand why the GlicoMask20 by GUAM has become my fave product. It is the main character of my today review.


The product has got a texture of a gel. It's transparent with quite a chemical fragrance but it's not repulsive. Well, you won't think about the aroma at all because the mask has got really magic properties. The product contains 20% of glycolic acid and this ingredient is really powerful. When I put this mask on my face firstly I was surprised how quickly it wipe lots of the skin problems off. A few wrinkles, some inflammations, some skin spots became invisible instantly. I even thought that it was a "photoshop"  - the face became smoother, softer and helthier in a few minutes!


Glycolic acid contributes the proccess of the skin regeneration. It can renovate the tone of the skin, makes it more elastic and moisturized. The mask "polish" the skin and it becomes smoother due to work of phytoplankton and the sea water - the ingredients which GUAM uses very often. The producer says that the GlicoMask20 gives visible rejuvenating effect and I see it. I can't say that my skin looks old and badly but after the procedure of using this product in just becomes younger than it was. 


I use the mask once per a week. I don't need to do it more often. Usually I choose for this product the hardest day. When I'm tired my skin is also exhausted and I quickly "treat" it with this product. I just put the film off and the face is fresh again! Cool "ambulance" for the skin!


I have got only a few sachets of GlicoMask20 but it's enough to see that the product is effective. I understand it after the first using - this is usual fact for the GUAM's product. I love their work - they renovate the skin instantly.


This effect is possible due to a good compositions of the each product. The GlicoMask20 also has got very good list of the active ingredients:

  • 20% glycolic acid,
  • phytoplankton GUAM,
  • kelp Macrocystis pyrifera,
  • vitamine E,
  • cleaned sea water. 

Other ingredients:


And the swatches. Just usual transparent gel...



... but it works perfectly!

Sorry that I don't show you the film but this is not so pleasant thing :)

I think the GlicoMask20 by GUAM is the best product for winter. The producer doesn't recommend to tan after it and now we can't even see the sun so using this product is absolutely safe)) And I hope to finish all my sachets until the sping comes (if it is in a hurry I'll just start to use the mask more often :).

Have you ever tried this product? Which mask by GUAM is your fave? 

*The GlicoMask20 was given by GUAM for independent testing. You can find this product on the web-site of this brand and buy it in the shop in Kiev or in the online shop.

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