Review: H24 Argan Oil Face cream by AlpStories. How I could live without it?


I always hear one compliment lately - that my skin has become really silky. I know that it's true. The skin is absolutely chic now and this has been possible due to one of the best facial сream in my collection - the H24 Argan Oil cream by AlpStories. You all know that this brand is my fave so I could not to try the newest product by it. I'll tell you about this cream in my today review.


As the cleansing gel Sage & Mint by AlpStories the 24H Argan Oil cream is not available on the Ukrainian web-site by this brand. You can buy it only on European one but I think this product is worthy these efforts. It is absolutely perfect!


The cream has got really luxury appearance. I think all "European" products by AlpStories have got it - so beautiful, concise bottle with simple but noble label is really gorgeous decoration of my dressing table. It has got a few golden details and they are so chic. For instance the portioner here is golden but it doesn't look crudely. By the way the portioner is really convenient. It works perfectly (as usual portioner of the usual presentable product!) and always gives me an accurate quantity of the cream. 


The 24H Argan Oil cream is renewal. It is made for helping the skin to become silky again and to renovate its properties. The argan oil is the most helpless and effective ingredient for this puprose. But also the cream contains the shea butter, evening primrose oil and almond oil. All of them ensure the renovation of the skin even if it has been looking badly and exhausted. My skin wasn't so bad but it needed some special care (after so long and cold January) and this cream has given it to me. 


I use this product as a night cream. I think it works better exactly at night time. After using it I feel that the skin becomes moisturizing very well (it is so important after the removing all daily make up) and its surface is really smooth. It becomes velvet right before my eyes, it is really a miracle!

Another interesting feeling - the cream has got very unusual anti-aging effect. When I put it on the skin I feel that it is "pull" it. This lifting effect is very sencible but I can't say that it is unpleasant. I just feel that my wrinkles became less and the skin is smoothening. 


The 24H Argan Oil cream has got really silky texture. Using it is a pleasure. And I love how quickly it is spreaded and absorbs. I can go to bed exactly after the putting the product on my skin and I know that my clothes will be clean. And if I want to do very complicated make up I just use this product as a base for it. I don't know other cream which can make my skin absolutely ready for different types of make up products. 


The swatches. So tender, so silky cream:



And of course the 24 H Argan oil cream is a vegan and organic product. It's composition is chic as usually:


As I have told you yet I'm going to use the AlpStories's skincare products only. Of course I'll use products by other brands but I want to make the AlpStories's ones the most important and irreplaceable care for me. I think they are suitable for my skin in the best way. 

Do you know about the 24H Argan Oil cream by AlpStories? Have you tried it or other facial cream by this brand?

*The 24H Argan Oil cream was given by AlpStories for independent testing. You can buy AlpStories's products on the Ukrainian or European web-sites.