Review: Hand cream by Bila Pava. Changeable and gorgeous!


When I was young I has got a very tender skin on my hands. It was almost transparent and absolutely soft. Now I try to get it back so looking for a perfect hand cream never stop. And I think I have found one! Today I'll tell you about it - a hand cream by Ukrainian brand Bila Pava which is the first number in my collection of hand creams!


This is very tender cream which is offered in a small tube but it is so long lasting! I need a very small dose of the product for both hands and I try to take as less as possible. It's not an economy, no! If I take a lot of the cream it will be absorbed slowly and this is not very convenient. But this disadvantage is solved very easily. I never overfeed my skin with this product and never use it just in bed or in front of a laptop.I need 2-3 minutes for giving to my skin a real pleasure. And I do this, it's time for me and my hands!


The tube has got an usual small portioner for taking enough quantity if the product without efforts. 


The cream is natural and vegan (I have written about a perfect and ethical concept of Bila Pava yet).

Well, you can't see the composition of the product on this tube because it has got some flaws. I took this photo at the first onset after getting the product but the tube had been a little bit damaged yet: all inscriptions were greased. I can only gess what is in a composition. And I can see that the cream contains of a purified water, almond oil, olive oil, vitamine E, vegetable lactic acid, lemon extract, rosewood essential oil and bergamot essential oil... What else? There is also an emulsifier, a carbamide and a "green" preservative.The last one is allowed for eco cosmetics. 


Yes, the tube is not very convenient in terms of design. But I know that Bila Pava has changed it so I hope now all inscription on a package are noticeable.

And I can say that the tube is very convenient in terms of its size. It is small and I can take it with me everywhere. This is a real advantage! I have taken the cream with me on my trip (now I'm not in Kiev, I engoy Ukainian nature in one small willage and you know it if you follow my Instagram!). Here this product is really irreplaceable! 


Using the hand cream by Bila Pava only once per a day it's a chic opportunity to have got a perfect skin! I'm using the product during almost a month and now I have got the skin which I had in my youth! It is very tender, very smooth and absolutely velvet!

The cream works ideally! It helps to moisturise the skin after swimming in a lake or after washing the dishes. Also I spend lots of time playing with my daughter in a sand box and after this the skin needs a very powerful protection. This cream gives it to me. If there are a few problems on my hands - scratches, irritations, inflammations - it treats them quickly. 


What I like the most? Of course an aroma! The cream smells... oh, I even can't say! This fragrance is very changeable - it can be herbal and next minute it seems that this is a lollypop. Sometimes this flavour is like an aroma of sweeties and then it is very fresh and medicinal. I don't know what is a secret. But this changeable aroma is perfect!

And of course I like a texture! The hand cream by Bila Pava isn't watery and it isn't thick. It is optimal - just the tender, and dense enough substance. I love using it and you will love it also, just try!


Do you use the creams by this brand (I know that Bila Pava has got not only hand creams but also a line of products for th whole body)? Do you want to buy this vegan cosmetics? 

*The hand cream was given by Bila Pava for independent testing. You can buy it if you write the producer of Facebook or ВКонтакте.