Review: The hand cream Olive by Зеленая аптека. Your hands need it!


Have you got a hand cream which you buy always - again and again, each time when a previous one is finished? I have. I always try to find in a shop the same item - my perfect hand cream Olive by Ukrainian brand Зеленая аптека. This is also the own brand of Laboratory Elfa. I buy it since I saw it first time in a store. And when Laboratory Elfa sent it to me for testing I was so happy! This new item has been really neccessary because the previous one had finished till the package came to me. And now I use this hand cream a lot. I'll tell you everything about it in my today review.


This cream has got quite big volume so for me it is really long lasting. I can use it during a few months and it is always irreplaceable. This series of hand creams by Зеленая аптека has got other kinds of products (there are also hand creams with seaweeds, mallow and ceramides, aloe, chamomile, almond and marigold etc.) and sometimes I buy not an Olive one. But this is my fave.


At first because of an aroma. It is really tender and gentle. When I put the cream on the skin I feel this nice fragrance but it is not very bright and a few minutes later I can't catch this smell. This is very cool. Sometimes the bright aromas of cosmetics can interrupt even a fragrance of a perfume. But I have got no problems with the hand cream Olive by Зеленая аптека. Only a pleasant aroma which back down into the background very quickly.


Secondly I love it because it is effective. I use a hand cream after an each contact with water (so it is very often - I have got a child and I always need to do something with water!!). Now my hand are always in good condition. The cream works in summer when the skin doesn't suffer from lots of negative factors and it works also in winter when the skin is also damaged by everything. The hand cream Olive makes the hands perfect, smooth and tender very quickly and without any side effects. 


Thirdly I can't stop to use this product by Зеленая аптека because it protects not only the skin but also the nails. I haven't got a possibility to use a special product for cuticle and nails each time when I need it. I just have got no time for this! So I prefer to have got a versatile skincare product which can help the hails also and this one is very good example. There is a keratine in a composition so the hand cream Olive by Зеленая аптека strenghtens the nails and prevents their fragility. 


The producer recommends to use this cream in the morning, then during the day after an each contact with water and in the evening before going to bed. I do this but sometimes I use other products by other brands. I have got a lot of hand creams at home and they lie everywhere so I take the first available. But if I need really deep nourishment and really strong protection I always find this one. And of course when I go to the street and the weather isn't so good I use only the Olive cream by Зеленая аптека. It can help to protect the skin from a wind or a rain.


This light plastic tube is very convenient. The cream is big enough so I don't take it with me on the street but at home it is irreplaceable! I can't drop it even if I take the tube quickly and I always take enough quantity don't being affraid that the cream will be spilled.

I need a tad of the product to cover both hands. The cream is spreaded on the skin very good and absorbs almost instantly. 


A composition of the product:


And one more reason to love this item. The cream has got really good price! It is very cheap and this is cool! If you want to find not so expensive and very effective skincare product this one will be the best choice!

I also love other products by Зеленая аптека and all of them have got the same features: they are cheap but really powerfull. Of course I'll tell you about all products by this brand which I use now.


I think a hand cream should be not expensive but good. I love nourishing products which give a good nourishment and moistening without an oilyness and the hand cream Olive by Зеленая аптека is so helpful in all cases.

Do you know about this brand? Have you tried this cream or other products from this series? Which hand cream is you favorite or you haven't got a fave one?

The hand cream Olive by Зеленая аптека was given by Laboratory Elfa for independent testing.

You can find this line of products on the Elfa's website