Review: Hand cream Vetiver by FLORI. Unusual, original, effective... favorite


When I saw it first time I couldn't understood how to use it. Very small, very thick and very unusual cream seemed to be a product not for every day. But when I used it... I decided: it would be my pefect gift. It is really not for every day because I don't want to spend it light-mindedly. I want to pamper my hands so this cream only for special days! How do I use it? The hand cream Vetiver by Ukrainian brand FLORI is the main character of my today review!


As ever cream by FLORI this one is really small. You can think that this is just a tester but no. This is full size and that small jar is very long lasting. The creams by FLORI don't contain water, emulsifiers, artificial preservatives and other harmful ingredients so you don't need to take a big portion of a product. A small tad is usually enough for both hands. There are only natural active ingredients in this tad. And when you use the product regularly your skin renovates quickly and asks smaller and smaller quantity of the cream. It doesn't need a lot. And I feel this effect despite the fact that I don't use the cream Vetiver every day. 


You can see a consistency of the cream on the photo above. It is very dence - looks like a butter and may be this is the butter. The cream has got a yellow color with a green undertone but on the skin this color isn't noticeable. Don't be affraid of the spots - there are no problems on the skin or on the clothes! 

The hand cream Vetiver by FLORI is used for softening the skin and it does its job very well. It moisturizes my hands perfectly and this is very important because I have got lots of contants with water during the day and I need just an unreal moistening. This product gives it to me. 


Also it can be used for nail and cuticle care and this is my favorite ability of this product. I absolutely love how chic it care about my cuticle. I have never had the product which can be so effective in decreasing the cuticle. It does it  instantly and never dries it in this process! I use the cream Vetiver very often after a manicure and it helps to keep the manicure for long long time. 

Also the producer says that the cream can be useful as a product for feet (and especially if you have got a pain in them, edemas or phlebeurysm). But I haven't got all of these problems so I never use this product as a foot cream.


I really love the aroma of this product. It is very unusual. There are some woody, earthen, warm notes in this fragrance. And I feel an aroma of an avocado oil (it is one of the main ingredient of the cream Vetiver). I know it very well and I like it despite the fact that it is quite specific. 

What is the main advantage of the product? May its ability to heal the skin. If I have got some irritations, inflmmations, scretches etc I just put the cream Vetiver by FLORI on these places and... there are no problems very soon!

Also the producer says that the product has got very powerful lifting effect but I can say nothing about it because I have got quite a good skin on the hands and there aren't the wrinkles fortunately. 


The avocado oil is the base of the cream and I think it is the most effective thing for skincare. Also there is a vetiver oil which is named as an oil of calmnes in Hindi. It calms the skin after all big challenges and I think using this product is a kind of an aromatherapy. When I use the cream Vetiver by FLORI I just relax. And this is the best idea for evening when you want to forget about all daily problems. 

All composition of the product:


In English: Cold pressed avocado oil, beeswax, aloe vera, grapefruit seed extract, glycerin, essential oils of vetiver, rosemary, green mandarin, cedar and chamomile. 

A swatch:


Of course I use other hand creams time to time. But this one is a delicacy for my skin. If I want to make it happy I give this product to it.


Have you used the cream Vetiver by FLORI yet? Do you like this kind of organic products? What do you use to make a cuticle perfect?

*The hand cream Vetiver was given by FLORI for independent testing. You can buy this product on the website of the brand or write the producer on Facebook