Review: The hydrophilic oil Lavender by FLORI. Love my evenings!


I have never tried this kind of the cleansing products. All hydrophilic oils always were so strange for me. But suddenly I got this product and want to try its properties. I just want to know what is it, what can it do with the skin, if I need to have got any doubts about using it or not... and... I understood that this is one of the best type of cleansing cosmetics! It's really unusual but it is worthy of attention. Today I'll told you about the most interesting products I have tested recently - the Hydrophilic oil Lavender by Ukrainian brand FLORI. 


This product is for cleansing the skin and I use it every evening. The oil is so tender, so soft and I really love my evenings - I never remove my daily make up with this level of pleasure! The hydrophilic oil Lavender by FLORI works perfectly - it is very light and my skin becomes so smooth and clean after using this product. I don't need to make efforts when I want to remove even a complicated make up. The best result - incredible cleaness: there are not make up products on the skin after this oil. Even the waterprooof cosmetics is washed out instantly and without a trace!


The bottle with the oil seems to be very small - only 100 ml. But the product is really lasting. The producer says that you need to take 20-25 drops of the oil for one procedure of cleansing the skin. I tried different quantities (10, 15, 20 tads) and I understood that 5-7 drops are absolutely enough for me.

When I take the product it looks like a usual oil - a little thick. Of course it is oily. But I just put it on the skin, leave for a minute and then just remove it with all daily make up. And when I start to wash the product out it is felt as an usual facial milk - very light and not oily! It's a miracle? Yes, it is!


The oil contains only the best organic ingredients which can be suitable even for very sensitive skin. After the procedure of cleansing the skin becomes so soft and well maintained.

All ingredients of this product: soybean oil, babassu oil ethoxylated (ECOCERT), beeswax, jojoba oil, lavender essential oil, vitamine E. 


The hydrophilic oil Lavender by FLORI has got an interesting texture. It's an oil but looks (and felt) like a gel. It's possible due to beeswax in its composition - it makes this product lighter than it could be and this is very convenient. The oil isn't liquid (but it isn't dense) and it does not spill even if you are not careful. And due to this property you always can take an accurate quantity of the oil: you can count the drops easily. 


The bottle has got a portioner - just usual and simple but it's so convenient for quick using. 


The oil is suitable not only for washing the make up out but also for a shaving. But I don't know is it effective in this case. I could offer my husband to try it but... I don't want to share this awesome product with him! It's only mine!)))


The hydrophilic oil Lavender by FLORI is suitable for all skin types. It never provokes any irritations, itch or dryness. My skin became better after I started using this product. I have forgotten about all kinds of inflammations and I know if there are some problems on my face they will be treated quickly. 

Do you use this kind of the cleansing cosmetics? Which hydrophilic oil do you love? Have you tried the FLORI's one? 

*The hydrophilic oil Lavender was given by FLORI for independent testing. You can buy this product on the website of the brand or write the producer on Facebook