Review: Lip balm "Dessert" by Lюtique. It's a chocolat, baby!


What I eat when I want something sweet? The lip balm "Dessert" by Lюtique! Oh, no of course I eat a chocolat also but I don't need a lot - I have got really tasty chocolat product for lips so... sweeties are always with me! And I'll tell you everything about them in my today review!


What is the lipbalm "Dessert" by Lюtique? It's a dessert. Really. The main thing which you have to do with it - not to eat the balm even though in the first few minutes after its putting on your lips. The balm is REALLY tasty. It has got an absolutely chic flavour and if you know how not to eat it you will wear this cool product long time and enjoy its tinge. 


The texture of this product by Lюtique is like a real chocolat. Just imagine that you put on your lips very thin layer of this product! It would have got the same effect - so pleasant, so light, so sweet feeling. But the balm doesn't dry the skin as all sweet products. It moisturises it well and makes the lips so smooth! Chic idea for winter! But I hope it will be with me in summer also.


The balm "Dessert" by Lюtique is solid in the tube but when I touch my lips with it the product becomes very soft. It melts but it never spill and never makes the skin around the mouth dirty. It is just felt comfortable and I can wear it during hours. This product is really lasting if I don't eat or drink anything. 


The lip balm has got very light beige color with brown undertone. It's not just transparent and it gives this color to the lips. I like this chocolate hue on them and this shadow fits me. To be honest I have even forgotten about my lipsticks. I use only this balm now during the day and sometimes I even leave it on my lips when I go to bed. A small quantity of the balm can't make the clothes dirty. 



And I want to say a few words about the composition of this product. Lюtique makes organic cosmetics and the balm "Dessert" isn't an exception. It's really natural and contains only beeswax, cocoa butter, oil of grape seeds, olive oil, castor oil, cinnamon, essential oil of orange... and lots of chocolat! Nothing more!


Sometimes I can see and feel microscopic grain of cinnamon or chocolat - I don't know exactly what it is. But I like this natural effect!

This is how the balm looks like on my lips. You can't see the brown hue and you can find this small grain of something if you will be attentive. 


Now I can say that this balm is my fave. I love this kind of products and I have quite big collection but this item is the best for me. I like its light texture and when I wear this balm by Lюtique I even don't feel it on my lips. I just enjoy this taste and the feeling of perfect nourishment and moistening. I feel it even now - when I'm written this post. Hope it will be with me always!

Do you try this "Dessert"? Do you know about magic products by Lюtique? 

*The lip balm "Dessert" was given by Lюtique for independent testing. You can buy this product if you write to the producer on Facebook or in Instagram.