Review: Lip gloss High shine by Pudra Cosmetics. My own trend!


Matte lipsticks have stopped to be trendy? Seriously? I even don’t want to hear this fact. I have only found one chic product from this series so I’ll wear it despite naughty fashion. My new lip gloss by Pudra Cosmetics is my real favorite and I’m so glad that I have found it because this is Ukrainian brand. We have got not so many Ukrainian makeup products, haven’t we? Let’s read about it in my today review!


Actually this product isn’t matte. This is lip gloss and there is an inscription “high shine” on the box. But on my lips this product becomes matte and dry and I like the effect. It doesn’t overdry the lips. And if I see it on another person I would have said that this is long lasting lipstick not a lip gloss.


The product by Pudra Cosmetics is quite thick. It’s VERY thick! It gives a very dense, not transparent coating. And that’s why you need to put it on the lips neatly: remember that you work with a thick substance which can make dirty the skin under lips. Of course you can correct everything but as I have already said the product is long lasting and it can dry very quickly.


A composition:


The lip gloss has got quite a convenient applicator but I prefer using my own lip brush. It helps to make the coating thinner and tidier. 


You can regulate the density of coating and usually I don’t wear this lip gloss by Pudra Cosmetics  it its pure form. I prefer putting a lip balm on the lips and then wear the lip gloss over it. This method gives thinner coating and not so expressive color. I love this shadow but it is very dark for me and I like “diluting” it. 


Left pic - a pure color, right pic - a diluted color


Usual look of lip gloss by Pudra Cosmetic


The lip gloss over a lip balm

The lip gloss is wore very good, it is lasting and I can eat or drink something with it in the lips. The product becomes pale in 3-4 hours and it is worn off evenly. 1-2 hours after applying this lip gloss becomes to look like a tint. It gives an even coating and the lips look naturally – it seems that they really have got this color. 


When I use the gloss with a lip balm it is worn off without a trace. But if I use it in its pure form it can be a line on the low lip – it is not very noticeable but I see it and always try to remove before it will be ugly. 



As I have said on my lips this lip gloss looks like a matte product. It is my own trend, I like this natural effect and I want to buy a new one product from this series by Pudra Cosmetics. Maybe a pink one – for future summer.

Have you tried Ukrainian makeup products? Do you like dark lip glosses or lipsticks? Do you know Pudra Cosmetics?

*The lip gloss High shine was given by Pudra Cosmetics dor independent testing. You can find this brand on Facebook