Review: Micellar cleansing gel and toner Pure Code by Dr. Sante. Good or bad effect?


Almost all brands have made their own micellar products (cosmetics with micellar water). The popular Ukrainian brand Dr. Sante (the own brand of Elfa Laboratory) isn’t an exception. It has presented its novelty – the line Pure Code with a micellar cleansing gel and a toner. Both products are good in general, but... Is there some disadvantages? Let’s discuss!


A design of series is quite minimalistic – it can not but rejoice me, because I’m a minimalist, as you remember. But the best feature of this pair is not an appearance – both product give quite a good effect.

The gel


  1. Cleans the skin very well without an aggressive rubbing. 
  2. Moisturizes the skin – it is never dry after washing it out with the gel Pure Code (there is a merit of micelles, which is in th composition of the product – cosmetics with them never dry the skin).
  3. Works delicately – I like an airy texture of the gel, it is very light and it doesn’t irritate my eyes!

This product Pure Code is suitable for all skin types. I have got a combination skin and I never feel nothing bad – no irritations, no redness, no acne after the gel. 




Only one – the product can clean only skin without noticeable make-up. The gel doesn’t wash an eye make-up off at all! Mascara, eye shadows, even light highlighters stay on the skin no matter what I do. So I need to remove at first my eye make-up with other product and then wash the face out with this micellar gel.

This is expected for me – I haven’t waited for a miracle. I have known that all micellar product are very delicate, so they usually can’t remove an eye make-up effectively. The gel even doesn’t give big foam – only light cleansing, nothing more! And this feature isn’t a problem for me. 

And one more nuance. A portioner of the gel gives more product than I need. It’s convenient – big volume of the gel envelops the skin with its soft texture… But it is not so economically.


The gel Pure Code is transparent, with a thick airy texture, it is dense, but I can wash it off easily.

The toner 

This Pure Code product has been better, than I had expected. Usually toners make lots of problems for me – irritations and clogged pores are only the most often ones. So when I started to try this toner, I also wait for some disadvantages, but there have been nothing! The toner:

  1. Tones the skin well – I feel freshness, which stays long time.
  2. Cleans the skin additively after all other cleansing products – if there are spots after cosmetics, the toner Pure Code helps to remove them.
  3. Refreshes the skin, especially at night, when it is tired.
  4. Helps to moisturize the skin.



The series Pure Code (the cleansing gel and the toner) contains of a hyaluronic acid and aquaporines – both ingredients help to save water into the skin and make it good balance. That’s why after the products the skin stays very soft and I like the effect – I can even not to use a cream, if I want.

But I need to notice, that there is a Benzyl Alcohol in the composition. This ingredient isn’t on the first positions, but… If you have got a sensitive skin, which reacts on alcohol badly, remember about this fact. I try to choose cosmetics without any trace of alcohol, so this toner is just an exception. Fortunately, I haven’t got problems with it. 




If you need cosmetics with quite a good effect and nice price, Pure Code will be a good choice. But remember about other products, which will help you to remove make-up, because the micellar gel can’t do this perfectly. And also don’t forget about an alcohol in the toner’s composition, of it is important for you. If these are not problems for you, be calm: the Pure Code series will work well and mayb you will choose it one more time after the products will have been finished.

*The Pure Code series has been given by Laboratory Elfa for independent testing. You can find it on the web-site of the brand and in some lines of the shops in your city. 



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the micellar cleansing gel - 40 UAH ($1,5)

the toner - 40 UAH ($1,5).