Review: Microcellular cream mask for the face in the napkins by GUAM. I'm not a ghost!


GUAM always makes something interesting and the product I want to tell you about isn't an exception. The Microcellular cream mask for the face in napkins is unusual item for me - I didn't use this kind of products earlier but always have been wanted to try. And when I saw an effect which this mask gives to the skin I understood that it is no coincidence that I was waiting for an opportunity to try this product so long. Today I'm going to tell you why this mask is so interesting discovery for me.


The cream mask in napkins is the thing which doesn't tolerate vanity. You can't put it on the face and just continue working or walking. You should be ready for this mask - you have to leave all your job and seat (or even lay) and enjoy the effect. So this product isn't for every day. And I can say that you won't need it every day. The result of this mask by GUAM is long lasting so one using per a week will be enough. 


The microcellulare mask by GUAM is necessary if your skin needs an anti-aging effect or an effective lifting. It contains the phytoplankton by GUAM, a few essential oils, purified sea water and these ingredients help the skin to prolong its youth. They decrease the first visible wrinkles (the "crow's feet"), tighten the skin and align the complexion. 

The most interesting fact - this effect is visible after the first using of the mask but not immediately. It means that I put the mask off and see almost nothing. But the next day...


... I wake up and see in a mirror that my face is 10 years younger. Well, may be not 10. But a lot. The complexion is really good and the face is absolutely fresh. The small wrinkles... they are on their places but they are almost invisible. The big wrinkles (especially the nasolabial folds) are more flattened, they don't look so clear as earlier. 


The mask should be put on the skin for 15 minutes. This time is enough for all ingredients to show their work. After the using you can just put the napkin off and spread the liquid layer which is left after it in the skin. I don't like it. Of course I can leave this layer for some time but usually I wash it offf with a micellare water. This layer is sticky for me and I don't like the feeling of this film on my face. It seems that the napkin is on me so far... it's not pleasant. 

And I also don't like the feeling if this mask in my neck. The napkins are quite big so they can cover the neck also but I can't stand when there is something wet and cold. So I just endure and try to put the mask off from the neck as soon as possible.


The biggest advantage of this product - its composition (I mean the liquid part of the mask). It contains not only phytoplankton which I have mentioned yet (it has got the high content of amino acids and the acids of Omega group) but also:

  • fucus extract,
  • grain sorghum,
  • extract of marigold, 
  • glycolic extracts of chamomile and ginseng,
  • essential oils of orange, geranium and grapefruit. 

Due to them the mask moisturises the skin very well, recovers its deep layers, softens and calms it even after the big challenge like the bad weather, wind or rain. 

The whole list of ingredients:


Also I could notice that the microcellulare cream mask in napkins by GUAM works as a "scrub". It exfoliates the horny layer of the skin and gives the effect of peeling but I haven't make any efforts for it. And if I use this product every week I even don't need to take other masks which I've got. This one is versatile and multifunction.


And how does it looks like? Of course like a mask of a ghost! I love how my family reacts when see me in this napkin!


Do you like this kind of masks and do you use some of them? Have you tried this item by GUAM? 

*Microcellulare cream mask for the face in the napkins has been given by GUAM for independent testing. You can find this product on the web-site of this brand and buy it in the shop in Kiev or in the online shop.

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