Review: Mini smart skin analyzer from AlpStories. Learn your skin! Photos, video, infographic


Smart gadget I can’t live without. This is a mini smart skin analyzer, which I got from Slovenian brand AlpStories. I was sceptic about its necessity, when it came to me, but… the gadget for learning the skin became one of the irreplaceable things in my life! I use it very often and it is always incredibly helpful. Today I’ll tell you, why you also may need it. 


What can it do?

I got the analyzer for learning the skin before AlpStories will make for me a personal cream. The gadget should help to know, how oily and moisturized my skin. The brand will take into this information, when it makes a cream especially for me.

Of course, I have understood, that there aren’t any absolutely exact data. All information from the analyzer is only a base – the gadget shows just a tendency, not a real medical skin characteristic. But this is enough for learning the skin. And you need it not only for getting a personal AlpStories cream!

How to use the gadget?

I have got a small video for you (in Russian).

If you do't want to see a video, this infographic for you:



The app looks like this:


The app logo (be attentive - Beautyaid is one word, not two! In the beginning I was mistaken, wrote the app name wrong and couldn't find it):


When the mini smart skin analyzer is necessary?

Of course, it will be needed, if you are going to get a personal cream by AlpStories. But not only! Analyzer is irreplaceable:

1. If you want to know, how does your skin change.

It can be different even in different parts of a day, so you may be surprised to know, that, for instance, in the morning you have got a normal skin and in the evening you have got an oily one. The gadget helps to notice a difference between skin characteristics and find an appropriate daily and night skincare.

2. If you want to find an effective care for concrete season.

With analyzer you can notice, for instance, that you skin in winter needs more moistening and in summer needs a matte effect. So just analyze it and choose an appropriate creams and masks.


3. If you feel, that the skin has been changed, but you can’t understand, how. 

The skin may be different in different period of women's life. For example, my skin was oily before pregnancy. During it the skin was normal. And after I had delivered my son, the skin has become even dry. The analyzer from AlpStories helped me to notice all changes and to correct my skincare. 

4. If you want to check, is cosmetics, which you are using, effective or not.

You need to moisturize the skin? Try an appropriate cream and control, how does it work, with analyzer. It so convenient! 

5. If you want to know a correct type of your skin.

Your subjective impressions can be wrong. For instance, you see, that the skin needs matte care and you think, the skin is problem or oily. But the analyzer helps to see, that the skin is combination – some zones are oily, some ones are dry. So you should look for a skincare, which will matte one parts of your face and moisturizes another ones. Without the gadget you can choose products for oily skin and they will work badly on the problem parts of your face. 


6. If you need to use an “emergency” for your skin after a big stress.

The skin has been suffered from the sun? You walked long time in a cold day and the skin is bad after that? You had got a long flight or you are jet-lagged and this is noticed on your skin? The face may need intensive care after it. Count all characteristic and find the best decision for hard days. 

My resume

I think the analyzer isn’t an one-off gadget. It can be used time to time during all life. And due to it you can correct your skincare in time and buy products, which are the best for your skin just now. The gadget is very compact and convenient, so it will be a good part of an each collection, because it doesn’t take up much space. And you can use it, when you want – you need only your smartphone, nothing more!

Are you interested in this gadget? Do you want to try analyzing your skin? Do you want to get your personal cosmetics?

I’ll write a review, when I will got an AlpStories cream, which will be made on a base of the skin analyzing. 

*The smart skin analyzer was given AlpStories for independent testing. You can buy this gadget on the web-site of the brand. 

Price 19.90 Euro