Review: Natural soap Mint by Dobre Mylo. Fall in love with a soap?


It's a soap? Oh, no! Not just! This is a versatile product which is really universal and when I got it by a Ukrainian brand Dobre Mylo I understood that it would be love from the first sight. The natural soap Mint by Dobre Mylo is my best helper now. I use it a lot and I can say that this is not only a usual piece of soap! This is a magic thing and I'll tell you how to use it in my today review.


The soap Mint by Dobre Mylo had got a natural package. It is just usual but perfect in its simplisity. And I can not but notice how beautiful is a package of the whole box by Dobre Mylo. It was one of the most beautiful box which I had ever got by the brands! 

The soap Mint is also very pretty, I love this simple and gorgeous piece! I love that it looks like not finished and hasn't got a strong shape. It is the symbol of its naturalness.


The soap has got a name Mint and the producer says that it smells like a peppermint but I don't feel this aroma. For me the soap has got a herbal fragrance - very light and tender and it is never felt on the skin. If you use the soap for the whole body your skin will smell just like a purity. And you will feel that it is absolutely clean but nothing more. Any oily film on the skin, any sugary aromas.


And now is the most interesting moment. The soap Mint by Dobre Mylo is suitable for the whole type of skin and for the whole skin of the body. Really, I use it in all cases, this is not just a soap for cleaning the hands! This piece can be:

  • a soap for shower - it gives a perfect foam and cleans the skin perfectly;
  • a product for shaving and depilation - you don't  need a special gel or cream any more, the soap will be a good base for the procedure and it never irritates the skin;
  • a soap for cleaning the face - yes, you can wash up with it and the skin won't be dry (I know, I have tried!);
  • a product for intimate hygiene - since I had got this soap I haven't buy any special gels for intimate hygiene, this product by Dobre Mylo is ideal for this case!

And what's about my skin? It's very smooth and moisturised well! I forgot about body milk or creams - the skin doesn't need them, it is tender enough just with one piece of the soap!


Using this product almost a few week I understand that I don't need other cleansing products. The soap Mint by Dobre Mylo is my favorite for all situation. Yestarday I even took some shower products away from my buthroom. I want to use only this one by Dobre Mylo. 


As I have said yet the soap is natural. The producer didn't write anything about a composition on the package (and this is a small disadvantage) but everything is on the web-site.

All ingredients of the soap Mint: refined coconut oil, unrefined cocoa oil, unrefined sunflower seed oil, white mustard seed oil (the own production by Dobre Mylo), camelina seed oil (also the own production by the brand), 3% of avocado oil.

Also there are some additives: dry mint (the own production by the brand), fresh orange juice, homemade cow's milk, natural silk.

There isn't water in the composition!


The soap Mint by Dobre Mylo was made without any heat treatment. Do you want to try this piece of art?


Do you use any natural soap? Do you like it or prefere buying the usual one? Which natural soap is your fave? 

*The soap Mint was given by Dobre Mylo for independent testing. You can buy it on the web-site of the brand.