Review: Poland cosmetics Ziaja (Part 3): anti-wrinkle eye cream with parsley by Ziaja. Good eyes every day


There is no magic eye cream in the world. But this isn’t a reason not to use an eye cream at all. Even if we choose a usual one, it can help. But I have found a cream, which isn’t just usual. My finding for today review is an anti-wrinkle eye cream with parsley by Ziaja. Small. Cool. Effective. Just stay here and read, why it is so good! 


Why it’s not “just an eye cream”?

This cream looks as usual product of this type. And it doesn’t make miracles, I need to say. But it isn’t unhelpful. Anti-wrinkle eye cream with parsley by Ziaja has got a few good advantages as each good eye cream:

  • light texture – the product is weightless, I don’t feel it on my skin;
  • no aroma – it was a big (and good) surprise: when I was pregnant and needed special cosmetics, which wouldn’t torture me with an expressive fragrance;
  • good absorbing – the cream is spread well on the skin and it is absorbed instantly, so if I put it just before going to bed, I have got no problems with it;
  • economical using – I’m using this eye cream during a few months and it stills with me till now, a tube isn’t finished.

But if there are only these advantages, it won’t be so interesting to write a review! No, anti-wrinkle eye cream with parsley by Ziaja has got more gorgeous features! 


Why I like this product by Ziaja?

Look at my infografic! 


Which results have I got?

Using the anti-wrinkle eye cream with parsley by Ziaja, I don’t feel any bad effects. Some eye creams gave me an irritation, acne around the eyes, clogged pores. This one gives nothing bad! I enjoy only good effects. I started to use it and a few days later I could see, that:

  1. My wrinkles are not so noticeable: of course, they stay on their places, but I need less a concealer now – the eye cream works;
  2. I have got no new wrinkles (especially deep ones!) – this cream can prevent their appearance;
  3. The skin around my eyes became fresher, stronger, more elastic and more moistened – it’s due to the extract of parsley.



And one more effect, which I want to say separately about: the skin is highlighted without highlighters! I don’t know, how this cream does it, but it’s a fact. The skin becomes shinier than it was. May be this is also a merit of a parsley – it makes the skin healthier and that’s why it looks better. Also this ingredient can a little bit lighten the skin. May be this effect manifests in this “highlighting” way. 

The anti-wrinkle eye cream with parsley by Ziaja is suitable for all skin types and all ages. It can be used by people, who wear contact lenses. It is a good idea for a young girl and for a middle-aged woman… The product passed dermatological and ophthalmological control, so it is safe. I can prove: I haven’t got any allergy now, even though earlier it was the most usual by-effect of eye creams. 


My resume

As I have already told you, Ziaja has been an amazing finding for me. I absolutely love this brand and I have never disillusioned with it so far. This eye cream isn’t an exception. Despite the fact, that it isn’t magic, I love using it and see good general result, which stays with me long time. So I think, I’ll buy other eye creams by Ziaja and… may be no one will a disappointment.

What do you think about this? Do you try this eye cream or other ones by Ziaja? Do you like the brand?


*Anti-wrinkle eye cream with parsley by Ziaja was given by the official online-shop of Ziaja for independent testing. This product you can find there. 



Price $1,6 (47 UAH)

Ziaja eye cream