Review: Protective baby balm and Coldcream by Weleda. Our collection against a wind and a cold. Part 1


Today will be unusual review because I'm going to tell you about two different products in one post. It will be quite big so I have decided to devide it on two parts. Both products are very powerful and dispite the fact that they are not from one series they are quite similar. These are the products which we with my daughter Tanya call our small collection against the freeze. It includes the Protective baby balm against a wind and a cold Calendula and the famouse Coldcream (also against a wind and a cold) by Weleda. Both help us to keep the skin in a perfect condition even when the weather is absolutely awful. And I'll tell you about the baby balm in the first part of the post.


The baby balm Calendula is from the children's series. It looks like other products from this line - bright yellow metallic tube with a small ladybug on it. Tanya loves this ladybug so much and always plays with the tube and asks to use this balm more often. 


This is product for a cold seasons but despite the fact that we got the package by Weleda when the biggest frost had subsided we used it a lot till the weather became really hot. And sometimes we use the balm now - when the weather became worse. This product is irreplaceable not only when there is really cold, it is so important when there is just a wind. The temperature can be not so low - +10 C or even higher but if there is a wind the skin is damaged very quickly. I haven't got a possibility to use the gloves very other and sometimes my hands suffer from the wind a lot. Tanya's hands have got the ame problems - she doesn't like wearing gloves so we need a strong protection for her skin. And this balm is ideal choice - it helps to protect hands or treat the skin if the problems have started yet.


The Protective baby balm against a wind and a cold by Weleda has been made for a tender baby's skin and it protects it very reliably. Tanya's skin (especially on the face) suffers from all bad weather factors - a wind, a cold, a dampness... The balm is important in these cases because usual creams can't help. It contains a pure beeswax and lanolin which give a natural protection. And the skin continues breathing under this product even though it is very thick.


The balm Calendula is safe even for very small babies but I need to say that Tanya has got a small allergy of this balm. It is usual thing when we use the products from this series of cosmetics and we had got the same problems with other brands. When we put it the skin on cheeks becomes red. It is protected by a bad weather but get an irritation insteed. This kind of cosmetics is very thick for Tanya and the skin doesn't like it. May be this is her individual problem and I have also noticed that if we use this product just like usual soothing balm at home there are no problems with it. And if Tanya can't use it I use with a pleasure. 


The balm is the best thing for the prevention of the weathering or chiblaining the skin.  And it has been a finding for my hands - even when the weather was horrible they were staying in good condition. 

Both products - the Protective baby balm Calendula and the Coldcream by Weleda have got a similar textures. They are a little bit oily, quite heavy but they work like a treatment so their consistency are justified. For instance the balm helps to keep the skin tender and smooth in all cases. It stays very soft and velvet. But I need to say that I don't like so oily texture. 

A swatch:


I need to take very small tad of this balm for Tanya's face or for my hands. We need just the thinest layer and the balm is absorbing well but is spreaded on the skin slowly. We put it on the skin before go on the street. The layer of the baby balm can be renovated if this is neccessary. 

And of course about the compositions. It is perfect, just perfect! 


English: almond oil, lanoline, beeswax, extract of the marigold flowers, a composition of a few essential oils.

The product is really chic despite that it is thick and I don't like this kind of texture. But of course I tried not to use this balm often, this is my daughter's cosmetics and there is good product for my skin - the famous Coldcream by Weleda! About it - in the second part of this review!

Have you used this baby balm yet? Do you know about it? How do you protect your baby's skin in winter?

*The Protective baby balm against a wind and a cold and the Protective cream against a wind and a cold Coldcream were given by Weleda for independent testing. You can buy them on the Weleda's web-sites or in pharmacy which sells the chemist's cosmetics.