Review: Protective baby balm and Coldcream by Weleda. Our collection against a wind and a cold. Part 2


This is the second part of my post about my perfect seasonal products by Weleda. We with my daughter Tanya have got our small collection of the "wintery" cosmetics by this brand and I have told you about the Protective baby balm against a wind and a cold yet. Now is the time of a Coldcream. May be one of the most famous Weleda's product! About this Protective cream against a wind and a cold - in my today review!


You can read about the Protective baby balm Calendula here

The Coldcream is a legend. It's prototype was invented in Ancient Greece - there was a balm which contained only natural ingredients (some vegeteable oils and wax) and protected the skin from the all factors of a bad weather. This is a finding for dry and dehydrated skin and the Coldcream by Weleda has got the same properties. 


This cream can nourish the skin and it is suitable especially for a dry or very dry skin. I had got this one on my hand after a long walking. So usually I put the Coldream on them. But of course I used this product on face also. But I can say that it wasn't a good idea for me, the cream (like the Protective baby balm) is very dense and this texture isn't so pleasant on the face. I don't like when the cosmetics is so thick. But if I wanted to have got the best nourishing, there wasn't the best item in my collection! 

The cream isn't moisturising so I always need other products which can give my skin good moistening. It is just nourishing and protective and it does this job very well. The Coldcream by Weleda is absorbed quickly but it is spreaded on the skin slowly (like a baby balm) because of its texture. 


Yes, about a texture. Both products have got a similar consistencies. The Coldcream by Weleda is also a little bit oily and quite heavy. But it can renovate the skin's lipid layer due to this texture and it is the best choice if you want to keep the skin tender and smooth. How does the Coldcream look like? 


You can see that it is just a cream but with an oily additive. When I used it first time in a beginning I saw this oil part - an oil just spilled from the tube. Ond only then the creamy part appeared. When I use the product after a big break it can also be splited - on the creamy part and an oily one. But it is not a problem for me.


I use the Coldcream - in the morning after a face cleansing - only in very cold days (now I think it isn't neccessary so I'm going to hide it in a fridge)!

The skin after this product is really smooth. I feel a very effective and reliable protection on it even in very windy days. It's not an effect of a mask on the face, no. It's just a feeling that the skin is in safety. A wind, a dumpness, a cold aren't scaring for it. And I had no problems even when it was a frost or a snowstorm. My face and especially my hands stayed in a perfect condition. Any irritations, any inflammations!

What about a composition of this product?


English: water, sweet almon oil, peanut butter, beeswax, glyceryl linoleate, a composition of a few essential oils, hectorite, limonene, linalool, citronellol, geraniol, citral. 

I think this is just a perfect collection of ingredients!

The tube with a product is not very big - only 30 ml but I can see that the Coldcream is really long lasting so I'm sure it will be with me all next winter or even longer. And of course I like a design! It is so simple but perfect and elegant. Love this pink tube and I think this is a good decoration of my room. 

Have you tried this product by Weleda? Do you use something special to protect the skin during the winter?

*The Protective baby balm against a wind and a cold and the Protective cream against a wind and a cold Coldcream were given by Weleda for independent testing. You can buy them on the Weleda's web-sites or in pharmacy which sells the chemist's cosmetics.

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