Review: Protective baby cream Babyborn by Elfa. Don't be freeze!


I have got an allergy of the frost and my daughter also has got it. Her skin become red and rough after a half an hour walking when the temperature is lower than -5 C. My skin starts to be irritating and I have gor a few acne after the walking on the frost. All my life I look for good protective products for the skin and recently I found one - very chic and very cheap. It's the protective cream for babies 0-3 years old Babyborn by laboratory Elfa, one of my fave Ukrainian brand. Read more about it in my today review!


This cream is for the smallest babies but of course adults (for instance me) also can use it. The cream protects the skin from the biggest frost and now we aren't affraid even of -25 C if we put this product on the skin before going out the street. The cream Babyborn is very powerful. The daughter's skin has got a bad reaction on the frost but with this product she hasn't got any problems! We can walk 1-2 hours and the Tanya's skin never suffer from the low temperature.


The baby's skin is very sensitive. It can suffer from all bad weather factors and the previous winter demonstrated it for us. Tanya was only 6-8 months old then and she always had had an allergy of the frost which could last during weeks. We had got a few protective creams but they weren't effective. So this cream by Elfa has been a big finding for us. I didn't believe in it and I was mistaken.


I put this product on Tanya's skin just a half an hour before walking. This time is enough for good absorbing of this cream and when we go out the street the daughter's skin is ready for the frost. We never miss everyday walking. Even if there is the worst weather that we can imagine we go out. I think it is very important for baby and even a very low temperature helps a child to get a good health. 


The producer says that the cream is hypoallergenic but unfortunately Tanya's skin has got some reaction on it. I have noticed some signs of allergy if we use the cream often so now I try not to use it every day (if the weather lets us do this). I think it is just individual reaction because on my skin the product works without problems. 


May be this effect is possible because the cream has got a dense texture and it could be "heavy" for the tender children's skin. But despite the consistenсy the cream is spreaded well and absorbs quickly. So if you choose it you'll never feel an oily film on the skin.


The product haven't got an aroma (not bad, not good) because it doesn't contain any artificial perfumes. Also there aren't any dyes - it's just usual white cream. The product consists only ingredients which have got vegetable origin so it protects the skin very carefully without an agressive impact. 


The product contains the extracts of the Linden flowers and Melissa which protect the skin from the irritation. And there are also a Vitamine E and panthenol in the list of ingredients. They calm the skin, make it elastic and prevent the inflammations. 

The whole list of ingredients:


The cream can also moisturise the skin so when we use it we don't put our usual moisturizing products. We don't need them. 


I think this product is irreplaceable for cold winter (and this year we have got really bad weather). It protects the skin from not only the frost but the wind and the snow too. And I'll use it for my skin also. After I had started to use this product I have had only clean skin without any inflammation. Only this winter I understand that the low temperature isn't just a big challenge for my skin)


Do you use some protective products when the frost is too strong? Do you want to try the cream Babyborn?

*The protective cream Babyborn was given by laboratory Elfa for independent testing.

This line of product you can find on the Elfa's website.