Review: Scrub for hands by Mirelin. Hand care is a pure pleasure!


Do you use a scrub especially for your hands? May be no. I understand. I also never did it earlier, I even didn't think about it! May be sometimes I use a body scrub on the skin of the hand (especially on fingers and the cuticle) but it was all. And I understood that I had been mistaken only when I tried the unique product by a unique Ukrainian brand Mirelin. This is a scrub which was made especially for hands. It is dry. It is very unusual. And it is effective. I'll told you about it in my today review!


I have written about a similar product by this brand yet - it was the scrub for cleansing the skin of the whole body. The product for the hands has got almost the same properties. It cleans the skin effectively and makes it smoother and more tender. Also the producer says that the product nourishes the skin, moisturises it and gives the microelements and vitamines to it. I can't see this effect visually but I feel that this is true. The skin is really tender and velvet after the scrub and I even don't need to use a hand cream. 


The product works as a usual scrub but it is very-very soft. It is dry. It means that you should make it yourself - you need to take enough dose of dry substance from a jar (I need one small spoon), add the same quantity of water and... enjoy! You scrub is ready! 


As the body scrub by Mirelin this one is also packed in very light and small plastic jar which is so convenient for using even if your hands are wet. You can't drop the jar in bathroom and you won't have got problems with the product! But be careful! The scrub is dry and it has got a consistency of a light and fine powder so don't sneeze near it!!! (I tried, it was... well... fanny :)). 

The product has got a spoon it the jar and this care about a customer is so touching for me till now! I understand that this is just a detail but it is so cool detail! And so convenient!


I use the scrub 1-2 time per a week. I haven't got some special days - I just take the jar when I haven't got a nail polish. I care about the hands and make a small massage of cuticle with this product necessarily! The product is unique because it helps to keep the cuticle in good condition between the manicures. The scrub softens the cuticle and even helps to remove some part of rough skin in this area.

And the main cool property for me - the scrub polishes the nails! I love this shiny effect on the nail plate and I usualy ask my manicurist to do this. The scrub really helps in it when I don't do a manicure.


The producer says that the scrub for hands can activate the renewal of skin cells. Due to this the skin become more elastic and well-maintaned overall. I have noticed this effect and I can see now that it is long lasting. I feel it during a few days. When it is starts to dissapeare I just use the scrub again.


The scrub for hands by Mirelin is a BIO-active product. It contains only natural ingredients and the composition of this product is really chic.


English: dry composition of sprouted cereal (oats, wheat, rye), presscakes pumpkin seeds, presscakes sesame seeds, natural minerals, mint powder, sea salt. 


The product has got a really nice aroma, it smells like a tasty cereal or a field ready for harvest. This is a real relaxation - taking a bath or a shower and enjoy this aroma!


And I like a dry texture of this product! The scrub for hands by Mirelin is really tender and this tenderness is kept in all conditions of the product! Sometimes I can use on hands my body scrub by Mirelin for the whole body but I think this one is even better. And I'll buy it again uniquely!


Do you like this kind of products? Do you want to try this scrub for hands?

*The scrub for hands has been given by Mirelin for independent testing. You can order this product on the web-site of this brand.