Review: The serum for instant beauty 35+ Power over time by NATURE med. My best cosmetics ever!


Have you got a product which is not just your fave but is actually the best for all time? The product which will be with you always because you will buy it again and again? I have got one! And it is Ukrainian! I have written about a new series Power over time by Ukrainian brand Nature MED yet and today I want to tell you about the best product from it. My perfect facial serum for instant beauty Power over time!


This serum is suitable for the skin 35+. I have got a little bit younger skin but I try to use anti-age products time to time as a prevention of some skin problems. 

When I got this series I didn't believe that this product could be powerful. But I was mistaken. If the eye fluid Power over time has given just a very good result the serum has created miracles! And this is not an exaggeration! 


What can it do? The serum by NATURE med gives to the face an instant beauty. Really. You just put it on the skin and a few hours later can't understand where is your age now. Your skin is perfect again.

First time I used the serum before go to bed and in the morning I couldn't believe that this is my skin. It was:

  1. Very light. May be there is a small whitening effect in the serum because the skin looks really fresh and clean, any spots on it;
  2. Very smooth. Wrinkles? Where are they now? Of course some of them are with me, I don't want to tell lies. But the most part of small wrinkles went away and haven't come back yet!
  3. Very tender. This is just a velvet, nothing more. Gorgeous, perfect, chic velvet. I love to touch my face because it is ideal!
  4. Very healthy. Any inflammation, any acne. I forgot about them!


The serum Power over time by Nature MED is really an "ambulance" for the skin. The product treats it no matter what happens with the face. Acne? An allergy? A dryness? Inflammations? Irratations? Only one using of the product and no problem. I tried. 

And this product can be used not only 1-2 times per a day. The producer says that you can put it on the skin a few times if you need it. And I did this when I was in a trip - after each swimming in a lake. The skin was just super after this "treatment"!

In a base of this serum is an onion flavones concentrate. Of course the product hasn't got any unpleasant smell. Vice versa the aroma is very tender and gorgeous, like a fragrance of a luxe product. 


Onion Flavones age control+ is a system which moisturises the skin, smoothes wrinkles, stimulates a process of skin regeneration. This ingredient strengsens the collagen fibers inside the skin. Also there is a elastine in a composition and due to it the skin becomes more elastic. And the serum Power over time contains of provitamines A and E and the grape seed extract which nourish the skin and tone it up. 

All ingredients:


The small bottle with the serum has got a portioner and I need to push on it only one time - it gives me enough product for all face. 

The serum Power over time is long lasting and one time I even thought that I damaged it. I took the product with me in the trip and after the jorney in my car (there was an air conditioner but may be the serum laid under the straight sunlight) the product became thicker and got an unpleasant aroma. I thought that this is all for this serum... but it became normal again the next day. And now I care about it more carefully. 


And how does it look? It's just a transparent drop. Transparent and very-very tender! 


I think this serum was made especially for me! It suitable for me absolutely and I know that I'll buy it always. This poduct is one of the best in my collection and I have never used so powerful cosmetics! So I highly recommend it for everyone and I think the serum Power over time by Nature MED is the best gift. I know it. This is my dream which came true!

*The serum Power over time was given by NATURE med for independent testing. You can find it on the brand'sweb-site. Also cosmetics by NATURE med is sold in some lines of the shops in Ukraine.