Review: The shampoo K.Therapy repaire and the conditioner LAK 2 by Lakme. New favorites of my hair!


I heard about this brand earlier and it was always accotiated with luxury for me. Lakme. Something that should be gorgeous. But this brand wasn't available till the last time. When I tried it (due to the shop Agent-Parfumer that gave a few products to me as a gift), I understood why I thought so. The products by Lakme are really chic. The revitalizing shampoo K.Therapy repaire and the be-phase conditioner LAK-2 are the best examples of this rule. And today I'll teel you why.


The products are really effective. This is the first thing which I noticed immediately. The shampoo has to repair the hair? Ok, it does it very well! The conditioner should soften they and give them a perfect shining? It does its best! And I can't believe so far: I don't need any masks, oils or other repairing things - the shampoo is enough for hair to being healthy! And the spray helps to strengthen this effect.


The revitalizing shampoo K.Therapy repaire. This product has been made for the dry, very dry and porous hair. It gives them very intensive nourishment and deep moistening and of course this shampoo washes the hair really ideally. I need just a tad for wash all my short hair and usually I put the shampoo on them only one time, the second washing isn't neccessary. 


I use the revitalizing shampoo K.Therapy repaire by Lakme every day and I noticed that my hair become better after the first washing. Now they are very soft and even a little bit "heavy". I mean that the ends are not airy now and the hair are very smooth and lay perfectly. I don't almost see weak and unruly ends. 


The shampoo has got a very dence texture (for me it looks like a thick liquid pearl!) and very chic composition. There is a water from the glacier Zermatt it its composition and this ingredient contains a few minerals and oligoelements. They can soften the hair in natural way and give good effect for the skin of the head. Also the shampoo contains:

  • water-oil complex - it also makes the skin healthier and gives it a comfort,
  • babassu oil and macadamia oil -  both soften and nourish the hair, prevent their dehydration,
  • hydrated sugar complex (Hidromanial) - it moisturises the hair. 

The whole list of ingredients:


After the shampoo I use the conditioner. It's a spray which has got a be-phase formula. I need to shake it thoroughly and then make just a few (3-4) pressures on a portioner. It is small, works perfectly and gives microscopic tads which are spraying on all hair very quickly. 


The main effect - the spray unravels the hair instantly. If you have problems with a combing them out it will help. Also the hair look so shiny after the conditioner LAK-2 by Lakme and this product also can protect them from the negative outside factors. But the spray is good only for the strainght hair - it even makes them more smooth. I'm not sure that it will be good for the curly hair also if you don't want to straight them.


I use the conditioner every day before the using of a hair dryer. I see that my hair don't suffer from the high temperature any more - they always look so good. But of course even this product doesn't solve the problems of the ends - they became thick over time and I need just to cut them time to time. But may be this is only my individual problem because other products (even the specialized ones) also don't work well in this case.


The conditioner LAK-2 by Lakme contains lots of interesting ingredients which protect the hair and the skin of the head. Some of them:

  • alphahydroxyacids - it makes the hair straight and shiny,
  • volatile silicones - make the hair a little bit "oily" (but not dirty!) and give them a volume,
  • cationic polymers - soften and  straighten the hair, also make them shiny,
  • hydrolyzed proteins - recover the hair and nourish them. 

The whole list of ingredients:


For me this pair is irreplaceable and I'm so happy that the both products are long lasting. I'm using them more that one month and I still have got a lot of the shampoo and the spray despite the fact that the bottles seem to be small. May be I'll repeat this pair again when my one will have been finished. 

My hair:


Have you ever tried this brand? Do you know anything about Lakme? 

*The products were given as a gift from the shop Agent-Parfumer. You can buy the revitalizing shampoo K.Therapy repaire and the be-phase conditioner LAK-2 in the shops of this line in Kiev or on the web-site