Review: The shower gel Mint by Dobre Mylo. Nature loves you!


This is a novelty in the Dobre Mylo's collection. This Ukrainian brand has only started to make the shower gels but I have tried this product yet - it has been a shower gel Mint by Dobre Mylo from its mint series! Today I want to tell you everything about it. Please read my new review!


This is the natural, vegetal shower gel. What does it means? The product is very unusual. A natural shower gel shouldn't contain harmful ingredients, shouldn't make a big foam (because it hasn't got chemical foam formers in its composition) and should have got a short expiration date. The shower gel Mint by Dobre Mylo meets all these conditions. 

Before I started to use it I had understood that the shower gel wouldn't make a good foam. So I have never used it with a wisp. I put the shower gel Mint on the wet skin just by my hands and this is very econimical method of using. A small portion of the product is enough for relaxation!


The product hasn't got a very strong aroma. I know that the shower gels should have got it but this one is very delicate. I hever feel a saturated fragrance and this is very big advantage of the product. I even don't feel the aroma of mint - just the flavour of vulnerary plants. The producer of Dobre Mylo Alina told me that she makes the macerates and tinctures for her shower gels. This natural base for the products is infused during at least 6 months and then it is used in Dobre Mylo's cosmetics. All flavours of plants are saved in this base. And the finished products keep them for long time. 


The expiration date of all shower gels by Dobre Mylo is 2 months. If you keep them in a fridge this period can be longer. I don't this and have almost finished my gel now. I use it about 2 months every day - there is enough quantity of the product in a bottle. By the way the bottle is very convenient, small and light so using of the shower gel Mint by Dobre Mylo is a pleasure!


The bottle has got a usual portioner:


The shower gel Mint has got a very light consistency. It doesn't look like a usual shower gel, I can say that it is even more liquid than the other products but I like it. The gel is spreaded on the skin wery easily and I never need to take a lot of the product for one using. 


And this gelis not homogeneous - it looks like smoothies or coctails! I like this and... sometimes want to try its taste :)


A few words about a composition. Of course it is natural. The base - a macerates or tinctures of medicinal plants as I have said yet. All macerates by Dobre Mylo are produced by cold process.

Also there is a honey in the composition - it works as a natural preservative and gives the product a deep and tender aroma.

Other ingredients: refined coconut oil, cold pressed sunflower seeds oil, unrefined cocoa butter, safflower seeds oil (own production by Dobre Mylo), camelina seeds oil (own production by brand); 3% shea oil and avocado oil.

Additives: dry mint (own production by the brand), mint hydrolat and mint macerate (also own production by Dobre Mylo), natural bees honey "Motley grass", natural silk, vitamines A and E, compositions of essential oils. 

And a swatch:


I can say that the shower gel Mint by Dobre Mylo is one of the most delicate but effective cleansing product I have ever had. It makes the skin very clean and smooth but it never overdries it. I feel a pleasant film on the skin after taking a shower. This film doesn't clog the pores. It just protects the skin and gives it a perfect aroma. So good gift before going to bed!


I think I want to try other shower gels by Dobre Mylo. And what do you think? Have you ever used natural cleansing product for the body? Do you want to try? 

*The shower gel Mint was given by Dobre Mylo for independent testing. You can buy it on the web-site of the brand.