Review: SiliconePRO by Make Up Me. How to use the best sponge ever?


Believe you or not, this sponge is a discovery for me. I have never thought, that the simple sponge could be my favorite. But the SiliconePRO by MakeupME could! It is irreplaceable. In the beginning of using I couldn’t understand this tool, because I didn’t know all its features… but when I tried… I started to use only SiliconePRO and now I can’t even imagine using other sponge or other tool for my everyday makeup. Today I want to tell you, how can we use this sponge and why it is the best.


What is the SiliconePRO?

This sponge is unusual. We have got used for usual sponges, which absorb a half of foundation or other product, when we use them. This one isn’t the same. The silicone doesn’t absorb a product, it just helps to spread it on the skin. 

The sponge is smooth, it’s surface is tender and soft but it isn’t loose. The SiliconePRO is good for using all liquid products:

  • foundation, 
  • blushes,
  • highlighters,
  • concealers and correctors,  
  • bronzers.

I can also use an usual eye cream with it. 


How to use it?

Just take a makeup product, put it on the skin and blend it with the SiliconPRO. Nothing more!

Your motions should be patting and light. Don’t try to smudge a product – it gives only a thick, inaccurate layer. And also there is no necessity to “drive” a product into the skin. If you take a small portion, it will lay perfectly without any efforts.

The main rules:

  1. Don’t remove the protective film on the sponge.
  2. ALWAYZ clean the SiliconePRO! Of course, it looks good even when it’s dirty, but using clean tools is just hygienically. 


How does it work?

The best feature of the SiliconePRO is its ability to economize makeup products. I take always a very small portion – just to make a thin layer, but not to waste a big part of product. If I take a big portion I get risk to make very thick layer, which will look on the skin as a mask. It is especially actual, when I use a concealer: if there is a big portion, I get a very thick cover, which will be crack and emphasize all wrinkles. 

So it’s a double benefit of the SiliconePRO – a good economy of products and a very smooth, accurate, even cover, which looks naturally. 

Unusual feature of the SiliconePRO by MakeupME

This tool can be used for calming an irritated skin or for removing edemas under eyes. When I was pregnant, I suffered from the edemas time to time and the SiliconePRO helped me to make them less. I just cooled the sponge and put it on the area of edemas. The skin was getting better for quite a long time! In this case the sponge works as a gel pads for eyes. 

The same idea – with an irritated skin: the cool SilicinePRO helps to calm all problem areas. 


And… the sponge has got SO pleasant texture!.. I like touching it, I enjoy its elasticity. Sometimes I think, this is one of the best thing, which I can use for relaxation – I just take it, touch it, finger over it and I feel calmer! 


My resume

Generally, I can say, that the SiliconePRO is one of the most interesting and the most unusual tool in my collection. I want to try other original sponges by MakeupME and I think I will never use any usual tools – they work not so gorgeous.

Do you try something like this sponge? Do you know this silicone sponges line? Do you like it?

*The sponge SiliconePRO was given by MakeupMe for independent testing. You can find these products on the web-site of the brand.

Price: 5$ (149 UAH)

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