Review: The spray for hair roots by BILA PAVA. Long-expected softness of the hair!


I absolutely love organic and original hair care products. When I get an opportunity to try something new (especialy if it is Ukrainian!) I do this with a pleasure! And an Ukrainian brand BILA PAVA has been my new finding! I got a hair mask ans a uniquie spray for hair roots "Water of life" for testing and in my today review I want to tell you about the second product. The spray by BILA PAVA is a really cool discorvery! I think everyone should have got it in the own collection! Why? Please read the review!


The spray looks like just a water (that's why it is called "Wter of life"?). No aroma (may be I don't feel it? The producer says that there is an aroma of a green meadow but not for my nose))), no color. Usual, transparent water. But if all water has got the same properties I would never need any hair care products!

The spray for hair roots by BILA PAVA is absolutely unique for me. At first because of its purpose - I never had the spray for hair roots, there are only products for the ends in my collection! And secondly because of its effect. About it I'll tell you in detail. 


This small bottle is my daily necessity. I can't make a hair style without this product. Only 50 ml in the bottle but so chic effect! I'm using the spray more that 2 weeks and I haven't even noticed that it is spent. Now the bottle is as full as it was in the beginning. But I need so small dose - only 4-5 pressures on a portioner because I have got the short hair. So may be this product will be endless for me!


The main cool property of the spray by BILA PAVA for me is its ability of making the hair really soft. I just put the product on the roots (I spray it as close to the skin of the head as possible), comb the wet hair out (it is easy with this product) and wait when they become dry. I even don't use a hair dryer. And after I get VERY soft and tender hair. They are so clean, so gentle, so beautiful... I like touch them during the day and even if I abuse it the hair don't become dirty and oily. They continue looking chicly!

Cleaness of the hair is the second exellent effect. I have got the oily hair and despite that I wash them every day they become dirty in the second part of a day. But when I started using the spray "Water of life" by BILA PAVA I noticed that the hair are always clean. Even in the next morning! This is very unusual for me and this is cool! 


The spray for hair roots "Water of life" works absolutely perfect. It prevents hair overdrying and helps them to stay clean even after the biggest challenges. It is possible because the spray has got the properties of a thermal water and a tonic at the same time. It helps when the agressive shampoo or just some natural factors make the hair thiner, provoce the dandruff or the excessive oiliness. The spray by BILA PAVA softens the skin of the head, strenghtens the hair roots and prevents the hair loss. I even think that my hair become grow up quicklier with this product!


The spay "Water of life" is an organic and vegan product (as all cosmetics by BILA PAVA). It contains only clean ingredients: a water which is free from the harmful impurities, metalls and salts and a few extracts which are irreplaceable for hairs (chamomile, nettle, burdock, oak root, birch buds). 

All you need - put the spray on the clean skin and make a small massage (I do it with my Tangle Teezer). This is all! My hair wait for this procedure every day and they get really chic nourishment and care. I enjoy their condition! 


The best thing for me is that I can use the spray with all type of shampoos. It can be organic product or a usual, industrial one... And the spray by BILA PAVA gives to me the same effect always. No problems with the hair and no problems with the skin. Some organic hair styling products can provoke a small allergy on the skin of the head or even on face - sometimes there are some inflammations or the closed comedones (on the face, near the hair qrowth line). But this spray doesn't make these problems. 


I think the spray "Water of life" by BILA PAVA will be one of my favorites for all time. I don't even want to try something else! Why if I have found a perfection!?

*The spray "Water of life" was given by BILA PAVA for independent testing. You can buy it if you write the producer of Facebook or ВКонтакте.