Review: The twin perfumes The City Spirit (Beach) for him and for her by EVA. Let's go to the resort!


I wrote about a pair of the twin perfumes by the line of the shops EVA earlier and now I want to tell you about the second one. Last time it was the pair Sport from the series The City Spirit. I thought that I like this one more than the next - a pair Beach which seemed to be too sweet. I smelled it and... decided to set aside a review about it. I could understood this "beach" aroma only recently. So may be this is time for beach. Or may be this is time for these perfumes... I can't keep silence any more. Everything about the pair Beach from the series The City Spirit by EVA - in my today review.


The perfumes Beach have got the same desing with the pair Sport. Big transparent bottles, schematic pattern (it's orange in this case) and only one difference between the two items - the perfume for her has got a transparent cap and the one for him is with the black cap. Nothing more! Laconic and modern style, as it should be in the big city which doesn't like lots of extra details.


But the design is nothing without the aromas! And they are really chic!

Both perfumes Beach are very bright. These aren't modest and elusive fragrances. There is only brightness, only braveness, only dare!


How do they smell? Their fragrances are different and easy at the same time.

The perfume for her is the freshness which transforms into sweetness. The first note on this perfume is fresh and light. It smells like a garden in May but then it starts to transform into the aroma of sweeties with the citrus undertone. Firstly it is very bright and expressive, then this blaze subsides and only a tender sweetness stay with me. And it lasts long, long time!


The aroma for him is absolutely different. The first note is bright. Bright sweetness. This sweetness can knock off and may be will be able to deprive consciousness but it transforms into a freshness and subside in this thereon. Of course this aroma is more expressive than the Beach for her. But it is so natural - the fragrance is for men, it shouldn't be pale and dim!


Both perfumes are very long lasting. If the pair Sport can dissapear quickly (after 3-4 hours of using), the twin perfumes Beach stay with me the whole day. I feel them always and even after an evening shower they can be on the skin with a few perfect notes. 


And of course I can wear both despite that one of them is for men! I read in some blogs that these perfumes can be so interesting together - when you put fistly one aroma and just put another one over it. I tried this method with the pair Sport and it worked well so of course I use it with the pair Beach also! And I always get the unique aroma which is so emphatic, so telling, so significant! 


And one more secret. When I was wearing there perfumes long time and after them I came back to the pair Sport the last one seemed to be better for me than earlier! I don't know how it is possible but yes - these twin perfumes opened their new properties only after the pair Beach. And now they are brighter than they were so I have started to wear them more often!


And I want to show you a composition of these perfumes (may be it is important for you?). For example the men's one:


Have you found this series of twin perfumes by EVA? Have you tried some pairs yet? Which is your fave? I think they are worthy of attention, give them a chance!

*The twin perfumes Beach from the collection The City Spirit were given by the line of the shops EVA for independent testing. You can buy your pair in your EVA!