Review: The twin perfumes The City Spirit (Sport) for him and for her by EVA. 5 sighs


We with my husband have never tried a twin perfumes and when the line of the shops EVA offered us to try its new series of products - a collection of the perfumery for him and for her which is called The City Spirit - we didn't think long time. Of course we ordered these perfumes with a pleasure and we got two pair at once (despite the fact that we wait for only one of them). I'll tell you about one of these pair - the perfumes Sport for him and for her - in my today review. 


I have written about this collection by EVA yet. It has got 7 different aromas and we chose two from the all propositions - a pair Sport and a pair Beach. The Sport has been more preferable for us (we like sport and everything associated with it) so we have started from it. 

What is this? This pair I call "5 sighs" because you should make 5 sighs in order to understand an each aroma. And it will always be different!


The aroma for her.

Firstly about a mine aroma (despite the fact that I love my hubby's one more). This is a perfume in a bottle with a transparent cap. The producer of this perfum didn't write anything about the pyramid of the aroma so I just tried to feel everything without help. My 5 sighs:

The first. This note isn't pleasant. It's just an alcohol. But fortunately it volatilizes very quickly (in a few second) and then...

The second. Incredible sweetness! The spring garden has got the same aroma. When there are a lilac, a bird-cherry tree, a lily, a rose in the garden and all of them are blooming at the same time. This is also a fresh aroma but sweetness here is more expressive.

The third. An astringency. If you make a bouquet with all flowers from the second part and take it home you will feel this aroma. A little bit heavy but not repulsive. And it is also decisuous. 


The forth. Sweet freshnes. This is aroma of spring wind. Of... of... I don't know, just imagine that the spring haven't come long time and it was long long long winter but one day you open a window and smell something incredible. Cool, tender, flower wind. This will be the same aroma. 

The fifth. The freshness go away and only tender sweetness stays with you. This is sweetness of your fave candy - when you take a candy and a bouquet of spring flowers at the same time. Cool aroma? Yes! And it will be with you when other notes go out. 


I think this aroma is the best choice for a spring. Well, no! This is a spring in its bare skin! The producer says that this aroma will be appropriate even for going to the jym. I haven't try it yet but I have no doubht that it's true because it is appropriate everywhere!


For him.

This perfume is my love! Its 5 sighs:

The first. Also an alcoholic note, cross it out!

The second. An astringensy. It has got a fresh undertone but firstly this aroma show its tart note. It dissapears quickly and you get...

The third one. Freshness. No, I'm wrong. It's FRESHNESS. It's incredible aroma, really cool! For me this is the best smell for the best men in my life. For instance my dad had got something like that. And my hubby now has got it too.


The forth. Sweetness. This note wakes up after an incredible freshess. It is transitional, momentary but it rejoices you a few minutes and this is enough to understand this aroma. Then it is calming and stays just...

The fifth. Soft and light freshness. This is the freshness again but in its another manifestation. It's almost elusive but I feel its tender brightness a few hours. And I think that this perfume I'll wear even more often than my husband. 

Well, this is official statement: dear, I'll take it from you!


I think this pair of twin perfumes is very decent. EVA can be proud - these are really chic products. They have got quite a big volume - I have never had the same bottles with perfumes! 100 ml  - it's really A LOT! The bottles have got the portioners which work very well and give a little bit too much products so I need to be careful if I don't want to smell really... mmmm... brightly. 

But I can say that these aromas are not long lasting. They stay on me 4-5 hours and then they dissapeare (but may be I just less the aroma because I can feel a flavour trail on the my hubby's skin and he also says that he feels it on me every day). But even if the aroma dissapears, I just respray the perfume, it's not a problem for me. 


So what do you think about this idea - are the twin perfume for you couple? Do you try something like that? 

*The twin perfumes Sport from the collection The City Spirit were given by the line of the shops EVA for independent testing. You can buy your pair in your EVA! 

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