Review: Ubtan for combination skin by Mladna. How I was living without it? A small encyclopedia of ubtan


Even the best Ukrainian brands are not ideal. You can absolutely love almost all their products but 1-2 will be not so effective. And usually this is rule. But I know one exception. Mladna!! EVERYTHING I got from this Ukrainian brand is just chic! I have tested three different products by Mladna and today I want to tell you about one which is the best for me. Now I can’t understand how (and why?) I lived without this product before. The ubtan for combination skin by Mladna is the main character of my today review. And this will be everything you may want to know about it!


Question 1. What the ubtan is?

This is special cleansing product. It is an Indian invention and it looks like a powder (even like a flour). There are some herbs in a composition (Mladna’s ubtan has got 9). Also the product contains small parts of petals, white and blue clay, green tea, a few types of flour, essential oils. The whole composition:


Question 2. How to use it? 

You need to take a small portion of the ubtan and dilute it with water in proportion 1:1, the producer said. Then just put this substance on your face and carefully clean the skin. You can just wash the face up or remove a make up with the ubtan. But be careful with eyes areas. They can be irritated by small parts of the product.


You can use not only water with ubtan. Take a hydrolate or flower water (I use a rose one). The effect of this natural composition will be really perfect! 

And I know some secrets of formula ubtan + hydrolate! 

  1. If you have got a dry skin, use with ubtan a hydrolate of rose, lavender or violet – this combination softens the skin and have got a lifting effect,
  2. If you have got a problem skin, use hydrolate of lavender, it can help to get rid of the inflammations,
  3. If you have got big pores (my case) use hydrolate of rose or rosemary – they help to decrease pores and dry inflammations.


Also you can take a yogurt. Combine it with the ubtan, put on the skin for 5-10 minutes and this will be the best mask ever! Beauticians advice to use with ubtan the aloe vera gel (it helps to get rid of acne), sun flower oil (it moisturizes the skin), milk (it softens the skin). So this is just your choice! 

Question 3. How does it work?

Perfectly! Absolutely amazingly! And this is not a joke or exaggeration!

The skin after the ubtan by Mladna becomes clean instantly, there are no clogged pores or inflammations, my face is silky and tender. The product has got the effect of scrub – it is not so intensive but gives a good, careful cleansing. So if you can’t use a scrub because you have got very sensitive skin this product could be useful and suitable for you! Just try!

Also the ubtan by Mladna nourishes the skin and never irritates my faceThe skin is fresh and clean, it “breathes” after the procedure of washing it up. 


Question 4. How often to use ubtan?

Beauticians say that this is everyday product. But I feel that this care is very intensive for my skin so I use the ubtan by Mladna 2-3 times per a week in the morning. This is enough for me.

Question 5. Are there any disadvantages?

Yes. The ubtan has got small parts in its consistency so they can dirty the hair near the face. Be careful when you wash your face up or use the ubtan before you will wash your hair.


And one more small detail. The jar by Mladna hasn’t got any spoon for taking the ubtan. This makes some problems because you can’t measure enough portion without it. So hope my next jar with ubtan by Mladna will have got this useful equipment!

Next jar, I have said? Oh, yes! I’ll buy this product again and again. ALWAYS! Because this is the best cleansing cosmetics in my life and this is also not a joke!

Do you agree with me? Have you already tried an ubtan? Do you like it? Which cleansing product is you favorite? 

*The ubtan for combitnation skin was given by Mladna for independent testing. You can buy it on the web-site of the brand. There are different kind of ubtan for different skin types

Price - 108 UAH ($4).

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