The scarf for the snow


My fave cobalt blue beanie has found its pair! It's the scarf! I made it when it was so cold and I hoped that I have got almost a month for wearing it every day. But... this is the warmest February in my life so I wear this scarf hardly ever. But it doesn't bother me, because I love it.



I found a cobalt blue yarn for this scarf long time and firstly I couldn't find the most appropriate color. But I did it at least and the seller in the shop where I usually buy the yarn told me that the scarf would be more interesting if it had got two colors. For instance cobalt blue plus brown or cobalt blue plus black. But I chose grey. And I think I wasn't mistaken.



I love wearing this scarf as a shawl when I need to cover my shoulders (for instance if I'm wearing a light blouse or a dress and feel cold). On the street I just choose the most usual way of wearing it - I just put it around the neck. It's so warm! But it isn't a pure wool, there is an acril also. 


I love also the shape of the loops. It's a trendy large knitting. I used the thickest knitting needles which I have got. I have wanted to make the large and loose "web" and I think it looks quite lovely. 





I think I'll wear this scarf when it will be warmer - as a shawl. In March and April it will be suitable. How do you think it's good or not? Do you wear some clothes which you have made by yourself? Do you love knitting?



  • Scarf - my handmade
  • Cobalt blue beanie - Mohito
  • Grey jacket - Terranova
  • Jeans - TopShop
  • Shoes - Tally Weijl