Spring with GUAM. How to be ready for beauty?


Meeting with GUAM is always a pleasure and yestarday I had got this pleasure again. The GUAM's boutique in Kiev presented the newest products by brand and I was a lucky person who could see and hear everything. Today I'll briefly tell you about this presentation and I'm going to make a few reviews of these products later. 


Being beautiful with GUAM means using the new series GUAM DREN PLUS. It's a anticellulite mask by seaweeds with the drain effect (Fanghi D'Alga Dren Plus) and a food additive Britannia Dren Plus with the dren effect and with a taste of a green tea. Now I have got a few sachets with the both products and I'll start testing them today!


I had got an opportunity to try a food additive on the presentation. The box with a product contains 30 sachets with the food additive - one sachet per a day. You need to dissolve a substunce from the sachet in one liter of water and drink it during a day. The drink has got the color of a friut tea and the taste of a green tee (without a sugar of course). This substance helps you to withdraw the excess liquid from your body. The product has got a diuretic effect so when you drink it be ready not to go away from your home or other place where is a toilet :) But so small quantity which I drank yestarday can't make for you a big challenge :)


Sorry for a quality of the photo, I quickly made it by my phote

The mask is a good pair for the additive and it is suitable for hips, buttocks and hands. This product has been made especially for the cellulite which is accompanied with the swellings. The mask works against the fluid retention in the body and prevents the heaviness in the legs. 


The product contains the extract GUAMBioActivity which was got due to the newest way of processing of the weaweeds GUAM (new technology bioliqufazione). The producer says that the effect will be noticeable after the first using of Fanchi D'Alga Dren Plus. The mask should be used thrice per a week and you can put in on the whole legs in order to strengthen the effect. But the producer warns: you need to read the manual for the mask thoroughly and attentively. Because this is very powerful product which was made for really noticeable effect. 

Well, I'll try! And this product has got an antioxidant action of the extract of unque seaweeds GUAM which has been increased three times compared with a previos series of these GUAM's products.


And one more novelty - the hair dyes by GUAM! 20 very deep and beautiful hues for different types of hair (some of shadows are natural and classical, some ones are original). 



Of course I won't be able to test a hair dye just for the blog but if I'll decided to change the color of my hair (now I have got a natural hue), I'll choose the product by GUAM! Which one? May be Cioccolato or Ambra?



Of course this presentation was the best opportunity to speak with the lovely team of GUAM in Kiev so I was happy to be there that evening. All products which I have got will be in the blog soon and I hope you will also know what does the spring with GUAM look like! Let's try together?

2016-03-17 18.04.06.jpg

The mask Fanghi d'Alga Dren Plus is now available on the web-site of the brand. The additive will be there soon. You can buy both products in the GUAM's shop in Kiev or in the online shop