Sunscreen MaySun by EVA. My sun is tender


Earlier I never bought facial sunscreens. I thought they weren't neccessary in big city where you can't find the real hot sun. It is always not so bright and not so dangerous in cities, I supposed. And I was always so surprised when my face became red after a usual walk or trip to the office. I tried to solve this problem using a body sun protection creams on the face but it wasn't a good decision. So this summer I decided to buy a special cream for the face and there was a big surprise when the Ukrainian line of the shops EVA sent me all its sun protection series. There have been a sunscreen MaySun in this collection which I want to tell you about in my today review!


The product can be used as a usual daily cream. I put it on the skin before go to the street and wait at least 10-15 minutes. The sunscreen MaySun can be also a good primer for make up, I never have got problems with it if I want to use cosmetics over the sun protect cream. All cosmetics work perfectly on it. And I like how quickly it absorbs - a few minutes and the skin is velvet, no oily film at all! The next layer of cosmetics will lay perfectly.


I was affraid that the cream would be very thick. It was one of the reasons why I have never bought this kind of products so far. I saw how dense were sun protect creams for the whole body and couldn't imagine how I can feel this texture on my face.

But the cream MaySun by EVA exceeded all my expectations! It has been really tender and light. When I use it I don't feel a thick and unpleasant layer of the cream on my face. It reminds me a gel or a fluid. But...


...I have noticed that the sunscreen MaySun can clog my pores if I use it very often. I see this effect on the edges of the face - near the hair line. So I try not to use the product on these zones every day or take a break and use my usual daily cream insteed.


But despite this disadvantage I can say that the cream gives to me very powerful protection. Its SPF is 50 - it's very high level and I'm glad to see it because my skin is very sensitive and usually it burns under the sun very quickly. But I have never suffered from this effect since I started to use this cream. Even my noose which was always very red in the middle of the summer yet now has got its normal color. What is it if it's not a happiness? 


The producer also says that the cream has got an anti-age effect (I haven't checked this fact, but I don't see new wrinkles and problems so... may be!). And there is a mark that the cream MaySun is waterproof. I haven't dived yet so I also don't know is it true or not. But I'm going to dive soon when I will be on the sea (finally!!!). So I'll check this promise!

And a composition:



I think the tube with the sunscreen MaySun by EVA is very convenient (it's light for taking it with me in all tips or walks) and it is very big (50 ml!). I use the product regularly but I see - it will be with me next season also. Because there is so much cream in the tube and it is spent so slowly! 

Have you used this cream yet? Or may be other products from the series MaySun by EVA? Which sun protection cream do you usually use when you go to holiday? Do you use a special products for face? 

*The sunscreen MaySun was given by the line of the shops EVA for independent testing. There are other products in this series. You can buy them in your EVA!