Vacation, waist bag and 2 weeks of idleness!


This will be a very short post!

  1. I'm going to go to the sea. Tomorrow!
  2. I tried to wear a trendy waist bag. Didn't like it.
  3. I will laze during two next weeks!

I have started being lazy yet so I don't want to write a lot! Just show you one of my summer look with a trendy waist bag. 


This is my hubby's bag. I took it just to try how it will look on me. And... I didn't like it. Well, this is trendy, this is even quite unusual but... for me it isn't interesting.



I think the waist bag make the body shorter. And also it makes the belly fat and the breast bigger  than they are (well, good idea for girls who have got a small breast but not for me!). 

And I think this is unconvenient. 


Why I show this look if I don't like the idea? Well, I loved this place which is on the photos and I love remembering about this part of my summer. It was very good vacation in Ukraine! And now I'm going to go to a new trip!



Tomorrow I will on the sea and... I decided not to write posts this time. Only two weeks of vacation! It is so small period of time! So I want to be lazy! May be I'll change my opinion and write a few quick posts but I'm not sure. Only my Instagram will be updated regularly so follow me if you don't want to miss something interesting!


Sorry that I won't write comments in yours perfect blogs! But I'll come back and read everything, I promise!

See you soon! 



  • Jeans - Pimkie,
  • T-shirt - Reserved
  • Waist bag - noname, just usual waist bag for fishermen))
style accessories