Style of 70s: Two looks with boho-dress and bag from

When I saw this dress on I understood this is a best thing for embodiment of style of 70s! This is not my fav fashion time and not my fav style in general but this deep green color leaves no choice: I needed to make something really like in 70s! Of course I ordered this dress! And a small pink bag for it! I thought about them a lot and made even two looks with them! Both are the main characters of my today review!

Travel to romantic with My wintery wish-list

This winter in my life will be romantic! I have decided that this season shouldn’t be dull, I will be able to wear dresses and light clothes despite the fact that I need to put the heavy outerwear over them. The romantic things will even be more interesting in pair with oversize outerwear. How this is possible? Let’s look together with!