Review: Creamy eyeshadows sticks from BornPrettyStore. Are they worthy of purchase?

I buy Chinese make up products quite often. Some of them are very well but I’m always out of  luck with the creamy eye shadows! Usually they are not long lasting and sometimes I even can’t understand how to wear them. But today I want to tell you about two items which I was able to “tame”. These are eye shadows in sticks but I don’t wear them as eye shadows. What do I do with them? Let’s look together! 

Review: Matte Velvet Lipstick by BornPrettyStore. Berry lips for every day

I always wanted to try the matte lipsticks and I was always afraid of their effect. I thought that an each matte lipstick dries lips and make them looking badly. But the trends are the trends and overall love for the matte lipstick made me be interested in them. I bought my first matte lipstick – the one by BornPrettyStore and… I haven’t been regretted! This lipstick is a decent finding despite some disadvantages. I’ll tell why I think so in my today review.

Catlike summer. My necklace by BornPrettyStore and the dress by VOVK

I tried not to look at these photos so long because this is the best memory about my summer. Remembering it now, when it’s so cold, is really sad! The summer was absolutely warm so I often wore just a weightless dress by Ukrainian brand VOVK and a small necklace by BornPrettyStore. I want to show you this simple outfit today. I’m writing this review in a very dull, rainy and cold day.

Review: A vintage silver ring by BornPrettyStore. Will you marry me?

I chose it and couldn't wait for a package. This ring by BornPrettyStore had looked so sophisticated on the web-site and when I got it I saw that it was even more interesting that it seemed to be! My perfect ring has become the thing which make me a fan of silver. I haven't wore it long, long years and now I love it again. Why? I'll tell you in my today review!

Review: Mini Cart for cosmetics stuff and accessories by BornPrettyStore. Chic idea for my home!

What is it? A cart from the supermarket? Yes, but it is not usual. It is very, very small! Cool idea for adults who want to have got really interesting home accessories and... for children who love taking all mum's stuff and playing with it! This chic mini cart from BornPrettyStore conquered my heart from the first sight and I still love this versatile detail of my life. How do I use it? About it - in my today review!

Review: 14 Colors Eyeshadow Palette Enchanting Shimmer by BornPrettyStore. Shine bright!

Yes, I love shimmery eyeshadows! I always buy them despite that I can't wear so shining hues every day. I just like seeing at this brilliance and my new palette Enchanting Shimmer by BornPrettyStore is one of the most shining item in my shimmery collection! Today I'll show you this perfect product and of course tell you about its quality!

Review: Boho, boho, boho... ring! A small piece of jewelry by BornPrettyStore

I love bohemian style even in details so I wear this ring every day of this spring. This is Vintage Women's Ring which came to me from the online shop BornPrettyStore. There are 4 different kind of a little bit vintage and boho rings in the shop. But I choose this one. I think it is really perfect. It looks like a vedding ring for wizards or just cool piece of jewelry for cool hippie! I'll show you this ring and one of my looks with it in my today review.

Review: The brush set by BornPrettyStore. All you need are brushes!

When I ordered a brush set in BornPrettyStore I choose the one with the 7 pieces. I thought that this quantity is enough for usual daily (or even evening) make up. But I got 20! 20 one style brushes which are so versatile and useful! Not all of them are good for me, but the most part is now very helpful and I'll tell you about all this set's properties in my today review!

New products! Soon in the blog!

A few days ago I looked throw my collection of cosmetics and made a conclusion that it is TOO big but... I want more! Of course I even haven't got enough time to test all that I received but I felt that I had missed the new packages. I had missed that feeling - when you wait for a package, go to the post being excited and look into the box with new awesome products... I only thought about this and... got two surprises!

Review: Small, convenient, cool. My new brush by BornPrettyStore

Recently I decided to update my make up brushes collection. I have been using the brushes set by Mare Kay so far but they became quite old and I need to find new ones.

And one of the most irreplaceable brushes for me is the smallest and the thinest brush for eye liners and working with the smalest details. And I want to order my new one in BornPrettyStore. So in my today review I'm going to tell you about my new Fine Eye Liner Brush Professional Makeup Brush by BornPrettyStore.