Review: Haircare products by Elfa Laboratory. You hair will like it!

I always try to buy quite expensive products for face (if I don’t get something for testing). But if I need a new haircare cosmetics I never find something super-special! If there isn’t a decent shampoo in my collection, I choose this brand confidently. Which one do I mean? Of course the Ukrainian producer Elfa Laboratory! It has got a few trademarks and I love all of them. Today I want to show you three haircare products (two shampoo and a balm) by Dr.Sante and Salon Professional (both are Elfa’s brands).

Review: The Cucumber Balance control skincare series by Dr. Sante. Cheap and effective

If I don’t know which skincare product should I buy I always try to find novelties by Ukrainian brand Laboratory Elfa. It always has got lots of different skincare series and recently I tested a new one – a Cucumber Balance control series which offers everything you need for your face (and not only face). Some products are gorgeous, some of them weren’t very good for me but I can say that this cheap and effective series is worthy of attention. Why? Let sort it out together in my today review!

Review: Soap for children Baby by Dr. Sante. Hello, my love, hello

I will never understand people who don’t like using soap in pieces. I think there is so much beauty in this product! It can be effective, can be very soft and tender… or can be not… but it is always beautiful. I can prove – I’ve got three perfect pieces by Dr. Sante (the own brand of Ukrainian manufacturer Elfa laboratory) and all of them are chic. This is soap Baby which I use now together with my daughter Tanya. Why we love it? Everything about it – in my today review!

Review: Facial care from the “0%” series by Dr.Sante. Absolute tenderness!

I like everything that Laboratory Elfa makes in cosmetic sphere and I absolutely love using the series of their products. When I have a whole line of cosmetics in my bathroom I feel that I get a total skincare in different aspects. That’s why I liked using a series “0%” by Dr.Sante (the own brand of Laboratory Elfa). I used a facial cleansing milk Chamomile, a toner Extracts of ginseng and pomegranate and a daily cream Karite oil and collagen. All of them were chic but not each product I’ll repeat. Why? Let’s talk about in now, in my today review.

Review: Two products for intimate hygiene by Elfa Laboratory: the milk vs the gel. What is the best?

I thought that a product for intimate hygiene wasn’t so necessary. It looks like a glut. You can use a usual soap or even a shower gel, can’t you? But when I started to use intimate products by Elfa laboratory (Ukrainian brand) I understood how important they are. This is not an extra thing! And today I’ll tell you about two items which are my fav products for intimate care. I want to compare them and decide which one is the best. Our topic today – a cleansing milk for intimate hygiene Sensitive Intimo+ MED by Elfa Pharm and a Tender intimate gel “Oat and cotton”. Both are the Elfa laboratory’s products.

Review: Shampoo and hair mask Keratin by Dr.Sante. An ideal pair!

Do you know how an ideal shampoo looks like? I know! And I want to tell you! Because I have got one - it's the shampoo Keratin. Renovation of the hair structure by Dr. Sante (the own brand of the Ukrainian Laboratory Elfa). My today review is about it and about a hair mask Keratin which are the best helpers for hair. Why? Let's look together!

Review: The hair balm Keratin by Dr.Sante. Perfect, perfect hair

Telling you about the series Keratin by Ukrainian producer Laboratory Elfa and starting with a balm from this line is quite an unusual idea. A shampoo should be the first, isn't it? But I can do nothing with it - the balm is my favorite product in this line, it is really idea finding so my today review is its finest hour! My first Keratin's product - the hair balm Renovation of the hair structure by Dr.Sante (the own brand by laboratory Elfa).

Review: Baby bath foam 2 in 1 BabyBorn by Elfa. For children? No, for me!

Children's cosmetics is the best finding for... adults! It's a rule and you will understand me if you try some baby's products for yourself. For example a bath foam BabyBorn which is made by Ukrainian Elfa laboratory. This is product 2 in 1 - it can be used as a foam or a shampoo for children and... it can be also cool cosmetics for adults. Try it! I'll tell you how to use this product in my today review!

Review: The hand cream Olive by Зеленая аптека. Your hands need it!

Have you got a hand cream which you buy always - again and again, each time when a previous one is finished? I have. I always try to find in a shop the same item - my perfect hand cream Olive by Ukrainian brand Зеленая аптека. This is also the own brand of Laboratory Elfa. I buy it since I saw it first time in a store. And when Laboratory Elfa sent it to me for testing I was so happy! This new item has been really neccessary because the previous one had finished till the package came to me. And now I use this hand cream a lot. I'll tell you everything about it in my today review.

Review: Gel and conditioner for washing children's linen Bioняня by Laboratory Elfa. Do you use the best baby's products?

When my daughter was born I started to find the special products of household chemicals and a washing powder always was the most important for me. I wanted to find really hypoallergenic product with the best properties. It should be made especially for children and I wanted to buy only Ukrainian products. How to find the item which would meet all these requirements? I know! This is household chemicals by Ukrainian Laboratory Elfa! This producer makes really high-quality lines of children's products and Bioняня series is one of my fave. I'll tell you about two products for washing children linen from this series in my today review.