Anti-hairloss concentrate PLANCTIDIL by GUAM: review and photos. Why my hair are with me?

My hair now should be... Mmmm, I should have got NO hair!! Why? After delivering a baby the most part of hair usually leave a woman and I am not an exception. It was my experience after the first daughter, and I waited for the same result after my son's birth. But! I have got my best friend - GUAM. This Italian brand didn't allow my hair be lost. How? I'm going to tell you this secret!


Review: 100% Argan oil by AlpStories. Pure organic beauty. How to use this oil and be happy?

This is the rarest organic oil in the Earth. Argan is a scarce plant so its oil is quite expensive and it’s not very easy to find a pure one. But I was lucky! AlpStories sent me its argan oil – 100% pure organic product which is versatile and… just perfect! I keep it like a treasure and today I want to tell you how I use this finding.

Review: The solid shampoo Mint by Dobre Mylo. How to use this haircare product?

The solid shampoos are the hardest kind of cosmetics for me. I want to use them but I have always got problems because my hair can’t get used to this kind of cosmetics. It’s very difficult to tame the products but I still hope that I’ll be able to do this. And the solid shampoo Mint by Dobre Mylo helps me to manage with this task!

Review: The Organic shampoo and the Organic hair conditioner Aloe Vera by AlpStories. Beautiful stories of my hair

AlpStories makes ideal cosmetics, I think. So you understand why I really wanted to try its haircare products! Both of them – an Organic shampoo Aloe Vera and an Organic hair conditioner Aloe Vera – weren’t available on Ukrainian web-site by the brand. And when I got an opportunity to order them from the European shop I was so happy. I use these perfect products so far and I want to tell you why I love them in my today review!

Review: The hair mask “Ayurveda secrets” by Bila Pava. Yogurt for your hair!

Natural haircare products are always very difficult for me. I know how important they are but my hair have got used to SLES and SLS (and all chemical hair products in general) so they can look very well only with them. I try to use a natural cosmetics also but not every day – just as an effective treatment for hair. Today I want to tell you about one of the best piece in my natural collection. This is a hair mask “Ayurveda secrets” by Ukrainian brand Bila Pava.

Review: Shampoo and hair mask Keratin by Dr.Sante. An ideal pair!

Do you know how an ideal shampoo looks like? I know! And I want to tell you! Because I have got one - it's the shampoo Keratin. Renovation of the hair structure by Dr. Sante (the own brand of the Ukrainian Laboratory Elfa). My today review is about it and about a hair mask Keratin which are the best helpers for hair. Why? Let's look together!

Review: Shampoo and hair mask Level by EVA. Like it or no?

I love using very, VERY big cosmetical products. If a shampoo or a hair mask have got a big volume it is a chic gift for me because I know - I will use this product long, long time. And when I got a pair of haircare products from the series Level by the Ukrainian line of the shops EVA I was pleasantly surprised. Both products have been really big! But do I like them now? I can't understand and want you to help me with this question in my today review!

Review: The hair balm Keratin by Dr.Sante. Perfect, perfect hair

Telling you about the series Keratin by Ukrainian producer Laboratory Elfa and starting with a balm from this line is quite an unusual idea. A shampoo should be the first, isn't it? But I can do nothing with it - the balm is my favorite product in this line, it is really idea finding so my today review is its finest hour! My first Keratin's product - the hair balm Renovation of the hair structure by Dr.Sante (the own brand by laboratory Elfa).

Review: Baby bath foam 2 in 1 BabyBorn by Elfa. For children? No, for me!

Children's cosmetics is the best finding for... adults! It's a rule and you will understand me if you try some baby's products for yourself. For example a bath foam BabyBorn which is made by Ukrainian Elfa laboratory. This is product 2 in 1 - it can be used as a foam or a shampoo for children and... it can be also cool cosmetics for adults. Try it! I'll tell you how to use this product in my today review!

Review: The Essence of organic (shampoo and conditioner) by ChistoTel. Natural pleasure for hair!

I'm always very careful with organic products for hair. They made my hair worse very often so sometimes I even affraid of using them. But the products by ChistoTel are the quite different matter! This Ukrainian organic brand is really powerful and I believe in its cosmetics so I started to use  my new shampoo and the balm-conditioner from the series The Essence of organic without any doubts. And my hair are really satisfied now! Both products will be the main characters of my today review and I'm writting about them with an absolute pleasure!