Review: Gel and conditioner for washing children's linen Bioняня by Laboratory Elfa. Do you use the best baby's products?

When my daughter was born I started to find the special products of household chemicals and a washing powder always was the most important for me. I wanted to find really hypoallergenic product with the best properties. It should be made especially for children and I wanted to buy only Ukrainian products. How to find the item which would meet all these requirements? I know! This is household chemicals by Ukrainian Laboratory Elfa! This producer makes really high-quality lines of children's products and Bioняня series is one of my fave. I'll tell you about two products for washing children linen from this series in my today review. 

Review: The gel for washing the children's dishes Bioняня by Elfa. Not only for babies!

I have never bought household chemicals. When I wasn't married I lived with parents and my mom bought all this things. And now I also don't care about it. My daughter Tanya started to be a "beautyblogger" when she was 1 year old and now she gets lots of different children's products. Special household chemicals for children are also available for her. And for me of course. So today I'll show you one interesting product which was made in Ukraine. It is the gel for washing the children's dishes Bioняня which Tanya got by our fave Ukrainian brand Laboratory Elfa.