Catlike summer. My necklace by BornPrettyStore and the dress by VOVK

I tried not to look at these photos so long because this is the best memory about my summer. Remembering it now, when it’s so cold, is really sad! The summer was absolutely warm so I often wore just a weightless dress by Ukrainian brand VOVK and a small necklace by BornPrettyStore. I want to show you this simple outfit today. I’m writing this review in a very dull, rainy and cold day.

VOVKlook. Me and my shirtdress by VOVK

This November... oh, sorry, no! This July in Kiev is not really warm. sometimes we have got a few hot days but then the weather is like today. Nasty. How to make this day better? Of course I should show you my fave VOVKlook - the look with the shirtdress by Ukranian brand VOVK which I like so much this summer! Today review will be not "cosmetical") A small part of my style is here!