How to lose weight with a pleasure and… with GUAM? My plan (advices and reviews)!


It’s spring! Really! The best time to be beautiful! And I know what should we do for perfect body. Everything we need is GUAM and… a few details. I’ll told you about all of them in my today post! Let’s look through my plan!


I don’t want to lose lots of weight. Last week I spoke with a nutritionist of GUAM Katherine and she told me that I don’t need this. My body looks like it is 22 years old, she said. But I think I should change something in my life. Winter was the time when I ate a lot, chose fat food and… usually was very lazy for doing sport. Spring should change everything. Girls from GUAM gave to a beauty bloggers a few advices what should we do to be perfect in this season and in summer. It is about losing weight but mostly about correcting our bodies, making it really beautiful. 



The first step: sport or “lazy sport”!

I do yoga and I really can recommend it! It strengths all muscles and makes the body toned. 

Also I can recommend a usual fitness or… twerk with Olesya!

But if you don’t want to do exercises or haven’t got any possibility GUAM offers a “lazy sport”. It’s mud wraps! Of course it will be more effective if you combined it with any sport. But GUAM’s mud anti-cellulite masks and wraps are really chic even without any other effort. 

I tried anti-cellulite mask with draining effect Dren+ by GUAM.

A short review.

This product gives the result after the first using: the skin become smoother and I even feel that the body is tightened. I can’t say that I lose a volume and centimeters in the hips zone but I feel and see that this part of body became better at least visually. 


The mud mask is quite a specific product. It is a mud so be ready for using it carefully. The mask is put on the skin for at least 30-40 minutes so use a film over this of a special leggings which can be dirty and protects other things from this. Also you should be ready for unusual feelings – the skin can tingles. It’s normal, it means that the mask does its job!

A composition:


Before the spring I use this mask one time per a week and I have got very good skin! Very tender! This product by GUAM is especially actual before beach season and before you go to vacation. Draining effect is perfect thing because it helps you to lose a weight due to losing extra water.

There are lots of other products with a draining effect by GUAM so choose any!

And dren it!

The second step: body care

After mud wraps the skin need something else. I recommend:

  • massage,
  • scrubs,
  • body care with creams or lotions.

Everything is in GUAM. For instance Alga Scrub GUAM which prepares the skin for the other procedures and gives very good exfoliating effect. I’ll write a full review of this scrub later.


The third step: proper nutrition

I think you know everything about it so I won’t write a lot. Just tell you about one new brand which I have known due to GUAM. On a beautyblogger’s meeting we tried detox-coctails by “Eat it”. This is an Ukrainian brand which produced one day detox-programs. “Eat it” offers detox mixes – they make purees from different vegetables and fruits. You can drink them but it is quite thick substance. One puree is very nourishing so you can forget about esuriency for long time. This type of detox isn’t so aggressive as a detox with juices. You just enjoy healthy food and can lose 1-4 kg after one program. But of course this is individual process.



The fourth step: dietary supplement by GUAM

I wrote about them here so I won’t repeat this information. l can’t say that I have been ready for them. But I’m thinking about it. Now I have got two preferences:

Tummy is my problem zone and I hope to eliminate it with yoga and “Ventre Piatto”. Of course I will tell you everything about my experiment!

So this is our plan:

  1. Sport!
  2. Proper nutrition!
  3. The best cosmetics for body!
  4. Perfect body for all spring and summer and... all life!

Agree? So let's work together!

Ready! Steady! Go!

*You can buy all supplements and cosmetics in GUAM online shop or it two shops of the brand in Kiev. The new one was opened in Lavina Mall.