Pregnancy without “by-effects”. How to keep your body perfect? Decisions with GUAM?


If you are pregnant, you understand: this period will make your body not so ideal. Stretch marks, a skin pigmentation, a sagging skin… All these problems are possible but there is also a possible decision – how to make the body chic again. I offer to do this with GUAM. 

Last month I went to GUAM shop in Kiev and chose a small “pregnancy kit” for girls who want to keep a body in good condition during this delicate period. A perfect GUAM team helped me to find something effective and without by-effects. 


Which GUAM products can we use?

First of all ask about it your doctor! All GUAM cosmetics contains of seaweeds and not all products are suitable for pregnant. A doctor will help to find the most safe of them for you and your baby. Also keep in mind: you can choose something ONLY after the 1st trimester when the most important period of a baby formation is finished. Some products have got a disclaimer about it. 

So what we have chosen with GUAM?

1. Anti-stretch marks treatment cream.


Price 897 UAH ($35)

This product is suitable for the whole body or only for a breast (as you prefer). The cream helps to prevent the appearance of the stretch marks. It stimulates a process of a regeneration of the skin, activates a synthesis of collagen and elastin. According the testing the cream, even already appeared stretch marks were reduced and became not so deep and bright after a regular using. 

“The Anti-stretch marks treatment cream han't got an intensive aroma. This is very important for pregnant women who are very sensitive for different smells”, - the GUAM representative Elena says. 

What did my doctor say: the cream is very good idea for a body but be careful with the seaweeds. The product could be used after the 1st trimester only. If you have got any doubts just keep the product for the period after delivering a baby. Then you can use it without apprehensions. 


2. Breast cream.


Price 843 UAH ($33)

The cream for only breast. In makes the skin stronger, more elastic. 

“This zone of body needs a special care. Sometimes there appear very deep stretch marks, the skin become sagging… This product gives a good lifting effect”, - Elena says.

What did my doctor say: The cream will be more helpful after a pregnancy. It has got a cooling effect and this is not a good idea for this period. 


3. Fangocrema Dren.


Price 816 ($32)

The cream for women suffer from edemas. It gives an intensive draining effect on the legs and hips. 

“The cream is suitable for pregnant women because it has got a well thought out composition and hasn’t got a coolish effect”, - Elena says. 


4. Dren oil.

Price 711 ($27,5)

A massage oil with a lifting effect. It prevents the cellulite, which is provoked by edemas, and tones the skin. The oil is recommended for using in sauna but this is not for pregnant! If you decide to use it do this only at home!

“The massage oil gives a very effective bodycare, it is absorbed by the skin well, has got a neutral aroma. So it can be a good idea for pregnant”, - Elena says. 

Which GUAM products we CANNOT use during a pregnancy?


The brand is very high-quality so we have got a temptation to use everything. But, as I have already said, this cosmetics contains of seaweeds and some other active ingredients, which can be not very useful for a pregnant woman and her baby. So don’t use:

  1. All products with a cooling or warm effect – they can provoke negative reaction of the body and an extra rush of blood,
  2. Anticellulite masks – they are not recommended for pregnant at all,
  3. GUAM dietary supplements – they contain of seaweeds, which can be even dangerous if you eat them (all dietary supplements haven’t been tested on pregnant at all!).


Also there are no any tests with the famous GUAM novelty – its leggings with microencapsulated seaweeds. They are very effective for loosing weight and this leggings can be wore in winter as a thermal underwear but… use them after a delivering a baby. The warm effect and overheat can be dangerous for baby especially in the 1st trimester. 


And be also careful with a GUAM organic products, Elena says. There are two products with a mark "Organic" in the collection. 

“The pure composition can give a very powerful reaction. The products contain of 70% organic ingredients as minimum and this can provoke unwanted effect”, - she warns. 


GUAM… but not only!

Of course I have to say: cosmetics is not the only thing, which helps your body. It is even not the main thing! 

The first one is sport (or something similar with sport – yoga for pregnant women, some complex of exercises etc.). Do what you can. If you are not a sportive person, just walk a lot. I can not do yoga because I’m afraid of an excessive muscle tension. So I just walk 2-3 hours, and I can go 5-7 km per a day minimum. Is it easy? No. But I do this and when I am on the street I never seat anywhere. I always stay active. 

The second important thing is a proper nutrition. Don’t eat anything you want. I know, how difficult it is! But the main rules are easy: keep your usual habitual diet, eat only useful products, don’t eat at night. This is all!

And if you have got this lifestyle – with sport and a proper nutrition - cosmetics will help you very well! I mean GUAM will help you very well!

Do you agree? Which anti-stretch marks products did you use when you was pregnant (or maybe you use them now?)? Do you want to try GUAM? By the way, all this cosmetics can be used even if you are not pregnant!

*You can buy cosmetics in GUAM online shop or it two shops of the brand in Kiev. The new one was opened in Lavina Mall. 

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